Match Previews: English Premier League (October 26 – 27)

Updated: October 21, 2013
Everton v Hull City - Premier League

Aston Villa vs. Everton: The Martinez Challenge


Match Date: 26 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Villa Park


Darry Gibson’s absence paved way to the rise of Steven Pienaar. Despite saying that it was no more than a “lucky touch,” it is evident that Roberto Martinez’s  challenge of filling the void left by Gibson, was taken seriously by many.


Team Form


Christian Benteke’s return on the pitch sparks new hopes for Paul Lambert despite suffering a 2-0 defeat from Tottenham.


Instead of embracing a gloomy atmosphere, Lambert showed no regrets over losing to Tottenham. Rather, a sparkle of hope greeted the club’s head honcho, knowing that Benteke is already back on the pitch.


Still happy about the aftermath of its most recent match, Lambert recognized Benteke’s contribution in strengthening their attacks. This resulted to more scoring opportunities for the Villans. However, they had troubles in converting, which eventually, resulted to their defeat.


Nevertheless, the mere fact that Benteke’s impact has been immensely felt despite taking things slow and not forcing himself, was like a guarantee that Aston Villa will soon find themselves climbing higher and better spots in the Premier League.



Coping and the importance of second chances filled the Everton camp when they snatched a 2-1 victory over the newly promoted, but highly aggressive, Hull.


Yannick Sagbo dampened the Everton fire out when he leveled the score to 1-1 after Kevin Mirallas took the lead for the Toffees on the 8th.  Amidst the seemingly never-ending struggle to score another goal, Steven Pienaar rallied Everton on their way to victory.


Pienaar has been sidelined for quite some time prior to the Hull encounter. Torn between self-doubt, questions and frustration, Pienaar did not only get the chance to have a taste of pitch action, but also served as one of the club’s heroes during the match. Pitted against Aston Villa, the footballer can now expect to enjoy the pitch life even more.


But it was not only Pienaar who celebrates the goal. Roberto Martinez’s efforts have also paid-off. Darry Gibson’s injury left a void, has affected the club and Martinez’s challenge to “fill the void” that Gibson temporarily left, seemed to do wonders during their past performance.


Everton’s most recent victory catapulted the club to the 8th spot of Premier League.



Football betting tip: Aston Villa 0-2 Everton

Although playing in their own ground, there is no assurance of Aston Villa’s victory over Everton. The hosts have been conceding 2 goals on an average and with Everton’s current form, this scenario is nor very far from not happening. Indeed, Benteke has returned. However, with Martinez’s challenge inspiring his players, the club becomes unpredictable as any of the team members can rise up as heroes.




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Southampton vs. Fulham: Southampton’s Unstoppable Rise


Match Date: 26 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: St. Mary’s 


How long will Pochettino’s magic last against Fulham?


Team Form


Mauricio Pochettino’s magic and Southampton’s rise to (stardom) has created a loud buzz after a late rally forced Manchester United to settle for a draw.
An intimidating Robin Van Persie shot had a little effect in demoralizing the Saints and securing a victory. As a matter of fact, the last minute of the match saw a late equalizer from Adam Lallana, which enabled Southampton to leap frog to the 6th spot of the Premier League and remain undefeated during its last 5 matches.




Although Pochettino’s arrival in St. Mary’s did not receive a warm welcome, the Spaniard genius defied all expectations and proved why he is worthy of his post. One of his bold moves included the arrival of players who have been a regular face in the Champions League (i.e Dejan Lovren and Pablo Osvaldo).


The experience gained from participating into the tournament brought more depth to the team and made the training of world-class players a lot easier. Moreover, this also brought more attacking options for the club, which previously struggled in scoring more points. The Manchester United draw, for one, proved how the club’s scoring has readily improved.


While it is true that it is still, too early to predict Southampton’s title contention, there is no doubt that their current form remains unquestionable.



Almost at the brink of the dreaded relegation zone, Fulham is having a hard time surviving this season.


If not for the 1-0 victory over Stoke, the Cottagers have already plummeted to the bottom of the relegation territory. Out of the last 7 matches that they have played, they have only won twice, drew once and lost the 4 other battles. Prior to this match, they still, need to overcome Crystal Palace, which like them, is also doing everything to get out of the league’s bottom pit.



Football betting tip: Southampton 2-0 Fulham


It does not take a genius to understand Southampton’s strength over Fulham. The former continues to secure more victories and add more points under its belt. Not only did it maintain an undefeated streak, it has also kept a clean sheet in 3 of its recent home matches.



Image Source: ESPN