Match Previews: English Premier League (October 26 – 27)

Updated: October 21, 2013

Crystal Palace vs. Arsenal: Arsenal’s Winning Streak 

Match Date: 26 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Selhurst Park


Garnering more success both in the international and domestic leagues, it is evident that the Gunner’s golden age has finally, arrived.  


Team Form

Crystal Palace

Hoping that derby against Fulham will see the odds in their favor; the Eagles have bigger problems to overcome before they can soar high in the Premier League.


With a lone victory this season, Ian Holloway is in dire search for an antidote to give a quick relief to the club’s misfortunes. The road to the top-flight league has not been easy. The squad needed to surpass a playoff to participate in a highly competitive category. Unfortunately, the Eagles seemed to lose their wings and are having a hard time flying out of the ditch. But despite losing 7 of their matches, Ian Holloway tries to have a positive outlook on this matter. The club’s head honcho stressed that the club needs to improve as “quickly” as possible.


Although their current form sees no other way but the relegation zone, Holloway’s confidence has its own merits. The club chairperson, who seems to understand the squad’s adjustments, readily backs the manager.


Speaking of adjustments, there have been talks of the club getting the services of Newcastle United’s Alan Pardew. Along with this are talks of Manchester United, Wilfiried Zaha, reuniting with the club. Now these could get a little dose of inspiration. However, if the switches will have to wait until January, will it be too late for the Eagles?



A competitive warm-up, the chance of having fresh legs and the opportunity to add more points await the dominant Arsenal when they go against Crystal Palace.


Arsenal’s almost perfect form continues to send chills along the pitches of every Premier League participant. After the disappointing loss against Aston Villa, the club made an incredible (revenge) by topping the league table.


Garnering a total of 6 victories, a loss and a draw, Arsenal scored more points and admiration when they pounded Norwich with a 4-1 victory. Two of these goals came from the new recruit and charismatic player, Mesut Ozil.


The Gunners’ success is also felt in the international arena where it maintains a clean slate against equally competitive clubs such as Borussia Dortmund, Napoli and Marseille.


Needless to say, going against Crystal Palace will barely give them a headache.


Football betting tip: Crystal Palace 0-2 Arsenal

This does not need skyrocket science to predict. It is going to be Arsenal, who else?



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Norwich vs. Cardiff: Cardiff’s Resilience

Match Date: 26 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Carrow Road


Malky Mackay shall defy the odds in order to save the club from relegation. Amidst the controversial call during the Chelsea encounter, the squad’s head honcho remains proud of his boys.


Team Form


Chris Hughton’s call to live up to the praises they garnered during the Chelsea match sees no end as the club plummeted to relegation zone after a severe 4-1 beating by Arsenal.


The Canaries are having difficulties in maintaining their aggressive momentum during the Chelsea encounter. The Gunners fired 4 goals that left them spiraling downward. So far, Norwich has only won twice, drew once and lost 5 of its last of its 8 matches.


Despite the result, Martin Olsson has no reasons to lose hope. The player stressed that they need to show a higher degree of passion and intensity than what they displayed during the Chelsea encounter in order to move out of the dreaded territory.



Malky Mackay’s confidence on his players neither dwindled nor diminished even after a 4-1 Chelsea thrashing.


Mackay remains proud of his squad despite the questionable equalizer that happened during the Chelsea clash.  He added that he was contented of what the club showed in the recently concluded face-off.


Malky Mackay West Ham United v Cardiff City - Premier League


While it is a good move to simply rub everything off, Mackay’s main concern, remains unresolved and that is helping the club to climb a little higher in the Premier League table. They are nearing the relegation category and should they lose to Norwich, they shall have a full taste of the inevitable. To note, the club has only won twice, drew twice and lost 4 of its last 8 matches.


Football betting tip: Norwich 0-1 Cardiff

Expect the match to be a close one. There is a possibility for the match to end in a draw. Yet, considering their form, the chances of Cardiff owning this encounter, are high.




Image Source: The Guardian