Match Preview: Valenciennes vs. AS Saint Etienne

Updated: September 9, 2013

Daniel Sanchez and his squad just suffered 3 consecutive defeats and playing at home will be their best way out of the bottom pit. The club signed Gary Kagelmacher in an effort to improve their performance. However, with injuries pulling them down, there is little hope that they will win over the mighty AS Saint Etienne.



Is Gary Kagelmacher the anointed one?


Valenciennes continues to struggle this season. The club is just a notch higher before it finally falls into the relegation zone. The scenario is quite disappointing knowing that Les Athéniens finished on the 11th spot last season. But its current form is even more upsetting. After setting off with a victorious blast, the squad suffered 3 consecutive defeats.


Aware of their seemingly debilitating problem, Daniel Sanchez secured the signature Gary Kagelmacher.


The central defender had its stint in AS Monaco and Belgium. Sanchez readily believes that his experience shall be instrumental in improving the club’s performance.



AS Saint Etienne

ASSE eyes for its fourth victory and hopes to grab the 2nd spot from Marseille as the club immerses into an action-packed battle against Valenciennes.


Tied with  9 points with Marseille, the only thing that keeps ASSE at the third spot is the former’s goal difference. Marseille has 4 while ASSE has 2. Nevertheless, they have a similar record.


Out of the 4 matches they played, the club has only lost once. Aware of the competitiveness of other clubs, ASSE shall not miss the chance to move further into the league’s rankings.


Online betting tip: ASSE to win by a single goal

Based from the clubs’ current form, there is no doubt that ASSE will emerge victorious in the match. To note, ASSE has never lost in 21 of their last 23 matches. They will most likely continue this trend when they visit Valenciennes.


On the other hand, while it is true that Les Athéniens have the home-court advantage, their 3 consecutive defeats are something to worry about. But not only that, during those defeats, the club failed to keep a clean sheet. Against ASSE,  they might find it hard to secure a victory. Kagelmacher was a good catch. Yet, with Valenciennes bogged down by injuries, Kagelmacher may find it difficult to improve the club’s rank. This is most especially true that Mevlut Erding and Yohan Mollo have already joined ASSE.

Match Date: 14 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stade du Hainaut




Image Source: Sportsmole