Match Preview: Valencia vs. Barcelona

Updated: August 28, 2013


Match Date: 01 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Estadio de Mestalla


Messi has finally recovered from an injury and looks forward to winning the Spanish Super Cup. The news of his return threatens Valencia, which is on the verge of recovering from their lackluster performance.




Valencia is having a rough time lately. Seeing the club lose its second game of the season is a bit disappointing. Such performance barely resembles the squad that bagged the 5th spot last season and qualified for the Europa League.
Currently, Valencia occupies the 10th spot—5 notches lower than its former rank. Although it is still, too early to tell or predict the club’s future, only one thing is certain—it will have a hard time winning against Barcelona.


Recovering from their loss against Espanyol could have been easier. But not when they are up against the league’s top team.



Barḉa comfortably occupies the top spot of the table. Enjoying 2 consecutive wins, the club is keen on getting its third victory  when they meet Valencia.


Given their current standing and performance, it is quite unlikely for Barḉa to wave the white flag. Yet, they cannot be too overconfident.


Valencia may be heading towards the bottom pit. But they were still one of last season’s top 5. There is a high possibility for the club to snatch the victory if they are careless.


Football betting tip: Barḉa gets 3rd straight win

The last 6 matches of both clubs saw Barḉa in full dominance. The club won 4 of them and a draw is the best that Los Che can came up with.


Their upcoming match gives Los Che the home court advantage that can help them steal the victory. Valencia won 6 of its home matches and even kept a clean sheet.


Nevertheless, their conversion rate barely goes above the 15% mark. With Malaga, it was pegged at 11% and it hardly improved during the match against Espanyol. In the said encounter, the club ended up with a 12% conversion rate.


The above-mentioned dilemma of the squad works perfectly for Barḉa. Its first match saw them thrashed Levante with 7 goals and even against the feisty Malaga, the club pulled off with a 1-0 victory.  Now that Messi is back, one can expect more goals from the squad.


Barḉa’s control and dominance will be also evident during the match—just like what they did to Levante and Malaga. Currently, its possession percentage always go beyond 70%, not to mention their impressive pass success rate.


Valencia must step-up as Barḉa has no plans of slowing down. Needless to say, this match picks Barḉa as heavy favorites.




Photo Credit: Caught Off Side