Match Preview: Udinese vs. Bologna

Updated: September 11, 2013

There is a slim chance that Emmanuel Badu and Maurizio Dimizzi will be participating in the battle against Bologna. Yet, the determined Udinese, having won 19 of their last home matches will see to it that they have the last say in this encounter. Their past  performance may not be the best. But certainly, they are better than Bologna, thus making them as heavy favorites of football betting odds.




Udinese started the season with a lackluster performance. Losing to Lazio is is quite unexpected from the club, which previously clinched the 5th spot in Italy’s top flight league. Nevertheless, the loss was plain temporary.


During its next match, Udinese made a strong finish when it thrashed Parma with 3 goals—thanks to the contributions of Emmanuel Badu, Thomas Heurtaux and Luis Muriel’s late penalty.
Going against Bologna, Udinese is prepared to snatch its second win. However, the need for victory has nothing to do with securing a strong grip on the table’s last spot. Rather, it is more of ensuring that the club will be able to survive and eventually overcome the beating of yet another strong team.


But Francesco Guidolin has more problems to attend to other than scoring. In a friendly against Japan, Badu suffered a knee injury after entering the pitch as a substitute. The unfortunate event resulted to Badu being dropped from his national squad. Relatively, this also means that he cannot participate in the match against Bologna. Adding more problems is Maurizio Domizzi’s sore ankle. Many still wait for reports regarding the injury’s extent.



Bologna survived relegation last season. Yet, with their current form, it seemed like they are heading towards such direction if they still fail to secure a victory.
Their first game resulted to Napoli’s severe thrashing. The latter fired 3 goals, while they failed to convert throughout the 90-minute encounter. Their next match against Sampdoria was short of being spectacular. Although they never lost, a draw barely helps them in their campaign.


The verdict: Udinese wins by 2 goals

Clearly, Udinese has the upper hand in this match. They never lost in 19 of their last home matches and there is a high possibility for them to score 2 goals.


On the other hand, Bologna has been suffering from a losing streak. Their last 11 matches forced them to wave the white flag.


Also between the two, Udinese has been taking more shots. The difference is that Udinese successfully converts while Bolgona struggles.


However, Bologna has a higher passing success rate and they can capitalize on that. A winning opportunity is also available due to the Badu’s absence. But at the end of the day, Bologna needs to convert and this is something that they have been doing poorly and therefore makes Udinese as heavy favorites of the match.



Match Date: 15 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Communale