Match Preview: Southampton vs. West Ham

Updated: September 3, 2013

Match Date: 15 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Saint Mary’s Stadium


Southampton looks forward to an easy victory against West Ham. This is despite the departure of striker Emmanuel Mayuka. The club will more likely capitalize on the injuries suffered by West Ham.



Southampton’s performance seems to dwindle for a little while. The club welcomed the new season with a victory, then forced a draw against Sunderland and lost to Norwich. Apparently, the Saints slowly deteriorate in the pitch and they are left with no other option, but to win their upcoming match against West Ham.

Despite the retrogressing performance, its last 3 performance saw them dominate possession. However, they rarely converted. They have plenty of shots on target that barely touched the net.

Though Pablo Osvaldo has a spectacular resume to boast, he is yet to make an impression.


So far, there are no injuries recorded when going against West Ham. However, striker Emmanuel Mayuka is currently, on loan to FC Sochaux for the rest of the season.


West Ham

West Ham and Southampton share the same fate. Like the Saints, the Irons are also on the verge of spiraling downwards. Its last 3 matches yielded to different results. They generated a win in the opening of the season, incurred a draw in their second match and lost during the third match. If there is one thing that separates them from Southampton, it is the fact that they have a better goal difference, which tacitly meant that they are better scorers.

Unfortunately for West Ham, injuries pin them down. First in the list is midfielder Alou Diarra who is expected to miss the whole season. Joe Cole add to West Ham’s injured list due to a torn hamstring. The series of events do not seem to coincide and it is way too disappointing to know  that these players will not be able to welcome the return of striker Andy Carroll.


Online betting tip:  Southampton to win by 2 goals

West Ham’s last 6 away matches led to a heartbreaking defeat. And this will most likely happen during the match against Southampton.

Unlike the Saints, the Irons never had a chance to dominate possession during its past 3 matches. Moreover, the club has not been throwing on target shots. Should they continue to play in this manner, there is a possibility for Southampton to thrash them on the pitch. Andy Carroll is already back, thus, the club needs to maximize his potential. Otherwise, they might see themselves moving closer to the relegation zone.



Image Source: Zimbio