Match Preview: Rennes VS. Reims (Ligue 1)

Updated: July 26, 2013
Vincent Pajot

Stade Rennais’ improvements, as shown in its friendlies, foretell a bright future for the club. They lost to Lyon, but established a 4-1 triumph against Lorient. If the momentum is maintained, Philip Montanier and his men can easily clinch a victory against Reims.



Les Rouges et Noirs occupied the 13th spot last season. Trailing by three (3) points is Reims. Rennes may be on the lead and is the favorite in this upcoming match, yet, it must keep track of its goal difference record.

Conceding more goals than Reims, Les Rouges et Noirs needs to strengthen their defence. The squad struggles in blocking long shots. In addition, the poor defence often led to turnovers. Despite of the fact that it is recognized for setting up scoring opportunities, this can be very tasking if the defence crumbles.

Nevertheless, perhaps it is safe to assume that the club has learned its lesson well. Sure, it threw the white towel during the Lyon encounter. Yet, the mere fact that it has prevented a strong club from scoring more than a single goal, presents its improving defence strategy.



The result of the Lorient victory also manifests the club’s determination to overcome its defence waterloo. Like Lyon, Lorient is one of Ligue 1’s top teams. As a matter of fact, they almost qualified for Europa League. But then again, Rennes rose to the challenge, thanks to the contributions of Vincent Pajot, Cheick Diarra, Mevlut Erding and Montano.



Reims defeated Rennes during its last encounter. Yet, with the latter stepping up its game, there is no way that Reims can thrash them.




Photo Credit: Zimbio