Match Preview: Reims vs. Nantes

Updated: August 29, 2013

Match Date: 31 August 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stade Auguste-Delaune II


Reims admits its technical shortcomings in the pitch. But still, they look forward to sealing their 3rd consecutive victory and with Nantes on the verge of losing their first win against Bastia, it is not surprising to see Reims dominate the match.



Reims disappointed its supporters when it lost its first match to Rennes. With 2 goals to nil, the result manifested a lackluster performance. Somehow, it threw a cloud of doubt regarding the club’s fate in the new season.


Yet, the situation started to change. Reims returned to the offensive side and secured 2 consecutive victories against equally aggressive clubs such as Lille and Lyon. But Reims preparation never ends.


The club’s head honcho, Hubert Fournier disclosed that the squad must maintain the same attitude and behavior when they meet the newly promoted club, Nantes. Fournier added that Reims cannot follow the direction that they used last season and is keen on increasing the technical abilities of his team.

So far, Reims seems to be in the right track. The only thing that they need to do as of the moment is to maintain the momentum that they had when they trampled over Lyon.



Nantes faces the possibility of losing their first victory against Bastia and dropping to the relegation zone if accusations of fielding an ineligible player, prove to be true.


What seemed to be a good start for the Les Canaris was actually a double-edged sword. Bastia filed a complaint stating that Abdoulaye Toure played for Nantes during the 67th minute, despite having several yellow cards in the youth and reserve divisions.


Should the complaint find its merits, Nantes will not only lose its first victory, but also give 3 easy points to rivals, Bastia. This will also give the club a record of 3 consecutive losses in the league.


Online bookie tip: Reims bag 3rd consecutive win

Reims are wary of their weak defence that often results to losing ball possession and failure to convert. Its possession percentage barely reaches 50% and this explains their poor conversion rate.


On the other hand, Nantes suffers the same dilemma. They are also having difficulties keeping the ball to their side. However, compared to Reims, their possession percentage is even worse. In their last 3 matches, their possession average hardly hits the 40% mark.


The matter becomes worse as they can lose their only victory this season. The lackluster performance, the controversy of fielding an ineligible player and the fact that Reims have the home court advantage, cause chaos in the club.


Given this aspect at hand, it is evident that Reims stand as the match’s heavy favorite.




Photo Credit: Eurosport