Match Preview: PSG VS Nantes

Updated: August 22, 2013

PSG Struggles For First Victory 

Match Date: 26 August 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stade de la Beaujoire – Louis Fonteneau 


Paris Saint Germain

PSG struggles to snatch their first win this season. The scenario is barely at par with the expectations they must exceed. Although they never lost, 2 consecutive draws were quite unlikely to happen from the most dominant club last season.


Recently, in what could have been a total giveaway, PSG found themselves suffering from Ajaccio’s Memo Ochoa. The latter must have heavily prepared to go against the Ibrahimovic-Cavani duo that he almost made the former champ bled for a single score.


Nevertheless, El Matador’s late rally has finally found the ball inside the net—saving the club from a possible goal difference issue in the future.


Last match’s result is far from being extraordinary. In their opening match against Montpellier, PSG also failed to make an impression. Against Nantes, the club has the chance to gain 3 points. Yet, there is no solid proof that it will materialize.



The newly promoted Les Canaris proudly sits on the 5th spot of Ligue 1’s ranking. They scored 2 goals during their debut match and managed to keep a clean sheet against Bastia.


Their next attempt for another victory ended in an upset. It could have been a clean sheet in favor of Lorient. But thanks to Fabien Audard’s own goal, Les Canaris went home with a goal to boot.


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PSG is equipped with a roster of skilled members that can send tremors on the pitch. Talent, however, is wasted, unless they deliver what is expected from them.


Cavani and Ibra are the club’s powerful scoring machines. But Laurent Blanc must quickly decide on whether the duo should play together in the starting XI and the roles they have to fulfill. Otherwise, the potentials of these two equally celebrated players might just rot on the bench.


There is also Marco Veratti known for his insurmountable defence. Unfortunately, its benefits are yet to be felt and are overshadowed by its raging temper. Veratti must take the opportunity to show his worth long before Thiago Motta recovers and takes his place again. Nantes had 36 tackles during their last match and PSG came up with just 18. The former’s aggressiveness, might be used against his volcanic attitude and send him off for an early shower.


Conversion is also something that the club must improve should they want to see themselves away from the relegation zone.


PSG had an overall possession rate of 81% and 37 shots against Ajaccio, but still, the best they can afford is a draw. Meanwhile, Nantes only had a 60% possession compared to Lorient’s 60% last match. Only 7 shots were made and this made the result a bit more understandable—even scoring via the opponent’s own goal is forgivable. At the very least, it was not a clean sheet.


PSG is a stellar club capable of winning against Nantes. But they should man up on the pitch. They either settle for a 1-0 win or, again, thrive through a 1-1 draw.



Photo Credit: Sport Blade