Match Preview: Premier League (Week 12)

Updated: November 11, 2013
manchester city

Disappointed and frustrated, both Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur will try to reclaim their place in the Premier League elite. On the other hand, Norwich and Newcastle United seemed to be contented in their current achievements. But expect them to improve even more as the threat of being relegated is just around the corner.


Manchester City vs. Tottenham Hotspur Preview


Match Date: 24 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Etihad Stadium


Team Form

Manchester City

It was devastating. The Blues’ loss to minnows Sunderland after a resounding win against CSKA Moscow in the Champions League, was a definite heartbreaker. Even Manuel Pellegrini is wary of its club’s lackluster performance during away matches.


Pellegrini challenged his boys to man up on the pitch or disregard the title race. The Sky Blues endure dilemma of turning into a full-fledged deadbeat whenever they play in a different territory. This has been their 3rd consecutive away loss since the series of unfortunate events started with a browbeaten defeat to Aston Villa. They tried to push their (luck) against Chelsea, but to no avail. And lastly, it was Sunderland which validated their problem.


The consequences of such performance do not only curtail their bid for the title race, but it also gives them more problems in focusing on their Champions League bid. Indeed, it is impressive that Manchester City have been victorious in 36 of their last 38 home matches. But this alone cannot guarantee a possibility for the silverware—not even a spot in the top 3.  As a matter of fact, the loss brought them to the 8th spot—a notch lower than their previous rank.


Tottenham Hotspur

Out of the top 5 and down by three notches, Tottenham Hotspur have to settle to the 7th spot after suffering a 1-0 loss to Newcastle United.


The Spurs’ most recent performance is quite the opposite of what Manchester City have displayed. Being beaten in their own ground, given the fact that they are a stronger club was a bitter pill to swallow. After Loic Remy’s goal on the 13th, the Spurs became cold to scoring. It was a crucial encounter since they will be playing against Manchester City, which have been capitalizing on their home wins to ensure their place in the title race. They can keep up to the host’s challenge, yet, it appears that their chances of winning are slim. Nevertheless, they can always force an equalizer to neutralize their situation. Yet, even that possibility is also less likely to happen.




Football betting tip: Manchester City 3-1 Tottenham Hotspur

Manchester City plays the strongest at home and they will definitely, capitalize on this strength. Moreover, the Sky Blues have also dominated their previous against Tottenham via winning 4 of out of their last 6 matches.



Image Source: SCMP



Newcastle United vs. Norwich Preview


Match Date: 23 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: St James’ Park


Team Form

Newcastle United

Loïc Remy spoiled Tottenham’s bid to move closer to the title race. In addition, Tim Krul’s epic saves ensured that they will enter the top 10.


Aside from Remy’s goal, Krul’s successful attempts to deny the Spurs were more than enough to dampen their spirit and shift the momentum to their side. They were the visitors of the said encounter and such scenario doubled the pressure to win. Fortunately, they were able to deliver. From the mid table, the club now occupies the 9th spot.


krul newcastle united


The seemingly (impossible) conquest was crucial since they will be playing in their own ground soon and winning becomes a lot easier on their part, Their last 3 home matches saw them average on at least 2 goals. Should they continue such trend, they face the possibility of entering the top 5.



The Canaries made a startling leap from the relegation zone to the lower mid table as they emerged victorious over West Ham United.
Cris Houghton has reasons to celebrate over the weekend. They are out of the problematic relegation zone and with more matches to come, their possibility of staying and even surviving the Premier League is high.


It was almost a match of two halves. Ravel Morrisson scored West Ham’s first and only goal during the first half. But the Canaries replied with 3 goals to bring home the bacon and boost their confidence of winning against Newcastle United.


During the last 6 matches of the two, the Canaries have managed to win 3 of them. Another encounter against the club, which they know so well would not hurt their bid to make a strong finish this season.


Football betting tip: Newcastle United 2-1 Norwich

Despite dominating their previous encounters, Newcastle United’s current form, ensures that they have a better chance of snatching a victory.





Image Source: Mirror