Match Preview: Napoli vs. Atalanta

Updated: September 10, 2013

Facing Atalanta, Napoli has the chance not only to strengthen its grip in Serie A’s top spot, but also to bag the Scudetto this season. Atalanta faces the possibility of dropping to the relegation zone and Napoli is determined to help them in this matter. Due to this, there is no question as to why online betting tips choose Napoli as clear favorites of the match.



Napoli remains as one of Serie A’s giants. Sporting 2 consecutive wins and scoring more than 2 goals, victories come easy for the league’s current top performing team.
Rafael Benitez’s squad is off to its best form when they face Atalanta. As mentioned, this is evident in their last 2 matches where Napoli fired their burning goals.


Their first match of the season saw them destroyed Bolgona with 3 goals to nil. Against Chievo, the Partenopei exceeded their last performance via scoring 4 goals despite the fact that Gonzalo Higuan just recovered from an injury. With no injuries to endure, Napoli eyes for its 3rd win and keep its hold of Serie A’s top spot.



There is no assurance that Atalanta’s head honcho, Stefano Colantuono can ensure the club’s safety in Serie A. Its upcoming match is pitted against the Partenopeis and not only that, they will be playing in their opponent’s territory.


Coulantuono’s concerns have their bearing. On a closer look, Atalanta displays a satisfactory record. A loss and a win in 2 matches are good enough considering that they the season just started.


However, Coulantuono is aware that this season showcases a high degree of competitiveness in which the weak are immediately left behind. Indeed, it is just the beginning of the season. Yet, Atalanta cannot slack off. Otherwise, they might wake up and find themselves lurking at the bottom of the relegation zone.


The Verdict: Napoli to score 2 goals

Definitely, Napoli stands as the match’s heavy favorites. The last 8 matches that they have participated saw them scored more than 2 goals. There is a high possibility that they shall score the same number of goals when they meet Atalanta.


On the other hand, Atalanta’s story is a bit different. The club is currently on the verge of a losing streak when playing outside their comfort zones. Its last 3 away matches, for example, resulted in a defeat.


Moreover, it must be noted that on average, Napoli has been taking more shots than Atalanta. The former fires at least 17 attempts whilst Atalanta can only manage 10. But what really makes Napoli a dangerous club is its conversion rate. Out of the shots that they have been taking, one can expect at least 2 to 3 goals from the club. This is in stark contrast to Atalanta, which can only convert a single goal out of the 10 shots that they take.


Given this aspect at hand, it looks like Coulantuono will definitely have major problems saving the club.


Match Date: 14 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio San Paolo





Image Source: South China Morning Post