Match Preview: Montpellier vs. Sochaux

Updated: August 23, 2013

Match Date: 25 August 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stade de la Mosson


Both Montpellier and Sochaux are dying to have their first win in the new season. But with MHSC showing more improvements and having the home court advantage, there will most likely overcome Sochaux’s onslaught.             



Disappointment haunts the Montellier camp since the start of the new season. The club that holds the 9th spot at the onset of Ligue 1 is now struggling at the bottom of the table.


MHSC’s only crowning glory as of the moment is the 1-1 draw against Paris Saint Germain. Their last match ended in a humiliating thrashing by the newly promoted AS Monaco. Firing 4 goals courtesy of El Tigre and Riviere’s hattrick, MHSC has only managed to answer a single a shot. Should this type of performance continues, the club is in trouble of bridging the gaps of aggregate scoring.


Currently, their only option is to win their successive matches. And should they aspire to improve their rank, an ideal scenario would be for them to score at least 3 goals.



Sochaux’s fate is not very far from MHSC. Les Lionceaux is also off to a good start this season. Against Evian Thonon Gaillard, they only managed to force a draw. However, Lyon thrashed them during their second match. The scores though are a bit better than MHSC. Only 3 goals were conceded and this makes them a little bit more effective when it comes to climbing the France’s top flight league table.


Football betting tip: Montpellier will celebrate its first triumph at home

Home court advantage rarely increase the club’s winning possibilities. Yet, as for MHSC’s case, this might prove to be true. To note, the club won 15 out of its 16 matches at home and if this does not bring bad news to Sochaux, they better check the stats.


For the last 10 matches that Les Lionceaux and MHSC had, the former always suffer the pangs of defeat.


A comparison on their possession percentage also shows MHSC’s improvement. From 30% (against PSG) to 39% (against Monaco), Jean Fernandez and his men get better in keeping the ball. This is in stark contrast to Les Lionceaux.


When it forced a draw against Evian Thonon Gaillard, its possession percentage was 56%. Unfortunately, it went down to 35% when Lyon thrashed them.


The way Les Lionceaux’ players move the ball also saw a decline. From a 79%  success rate, it decreased to 74%.  Yet, as expected, it was a different story for MHSC. The draw against PSG saw them with a 67% success rate, and while it is true that Monaco pushed them to the ground, their passing rate increased to 73%. They may have a slow start, but they are improving every match.


Meanwhile, in terms of the conversion rate, both clubs are on equal footing. Throughout their last 2 matches, an increased and improved conversion percentage is evident between the two.


It is possible for the upcoming match to end in a draw. Both clubs are still, in dire need of clinching their first win. However, this is less likely to happen when compared to the possibility of Montpellier winning the match.


Photo Credit: Mike Stobe/ Zimbio