Match Preview: Manchester United vs. Chelsea

Updated: August 23, 2013

Match Date: 26 August 2013 (local time)

Venue: Old Trafford


Speculations surround Old Trafford with Rooney’s impending transfer. Talks regarding his transfer to the Chelsea’s camp are getting louder, most especially now that the Blues and Red Devils are about to have the awaited face-off.


Manchester United

The Red Devils entered the new season under David Moye’s tutelage. Pressured by the huge expectations to be at par or exceed Sir Alex Ferguson’s legacy, the club’s new head honcho, answered his critics with a 4-1 victory against Swansea.


Ironically, winning seems to be the very least of the club’s problems when they face Chelsea in the upcoming match. When it comes to skills, the Red Devils can readily face the Blues. However, what is more alarming and can possibly create chaos in the club is the Wayne Rooney’s status. Will he stay or will he go? Allegedly, the player plans to leave the Old Trafford soon and transfer to Chelsea.
Manchester United overflows with strikers. Technically, this should not be a problem, knowing that the club’s roster is filled with scoring machines in the likes of Van Persei and Chicharito. Rooney, however, is a complete package—so much so that his impending transfer may readily alter how the club performed.



Chelsea currently leads the table this season after winning against Aston Villa and keeping a clean sheet against Hull.


Yet, other than the victories, Chelsea hits the headline with their interest in Wayne Rooney. Recently, it secured the signature of Willian and Samuel Eto’o. If Rooney, is indeed, keen on leaving Manchester United, there is a high possibility of seeing him wearing the Blues’ jersey. But not until speculations have been confirmed, the winning party in the Rooney tug of war is yet to be announced.


Football betting tip: A stalemate

Both teams have shown impressive performance on the pitch. Knowing that the match against Chelsea is just the 2nd encounter for the Red Devils (and the 3rd for the Blues), identifying the club who gets the upper-hand is a bit premature as of the moment. Nevertheless, a draw is the best bet that anyone can have as of the moment.


The Blues have shown an impressive possession percentage. From 51% to 69% , the club did a good job in keeping the ball into their side. The same scenario can be seen from its conversion rate where it climbed to 12% after a mere 8% ratio during the match against Hull.


On the other hand, Manchester United fared well in its conversion rate. The match against Swansea gained them a 28% efficiency on the pitch. However, they are a bit poor when it comes to possession. Compared to Chelsea’s 69% , they only have 54% .


Perhaps if there is one thing that will readily make the Red Devils an automatic winner, it is the fact that they have won  8 out of their 10 matches in Old Trafford. Yet, given how relentless Chelsea is, they will most probably force a draw than throw the white towel.


Photo Credit: Alex Livesay/ Zimbio