Match Preview: Manchester City vs. Hull

Updated: August 27, 2013


Match Date: 31 August 2013 (local time)

Venue: Etihad


Defence problems and injuries plague Manchester City.  The stunning loss against Cardiff sends strong signals that another defeat will come should they fail to man up in the next match. Fortunately, the club is renowned for having good records when playing at home. So far, this has been Manchester City’s lifeline when they go against Hull.



Manchester City

It looked like the Blues are having a repeat of their FA Cup ordeal. Recently, Manuel Pellegrini and his men suffered a stunning blow when they lost against the newly promoted, Cardiff City.
After thrashing Newcastle United with 4 goals to nil, the Blues failed to make a god impression when the Bluebirds (Cardiff City) stole the limelight last 25 August 2013. Despite being pegged as heavy favorites, the Blues had its first taste of defeat after Cardiff has successfully converted 2 set pieces. The match ended with a 3-2 victory in favor of the Bluebirds.
Overall, Manchester City is still, in a satisfactory form. There are still plenty of matches ahead of them and the club will always have the opportunity to deliver an impressive show. However, Pellegrini cannot just ignore the squad’s looming defence problem, the injuries and Joe Hart’s seemingly lackluster performance.


Hull City

Defeat greeted the Tigers when they went against Chelsea for their first match in the league. Nevertheless, the failure is nothing but temporary as the club bounced back when it won over Norwich last 24 August 2013.
Despite playing undermanned, Steve Bruce and his men have managed to hold on to a single goal and bring home the victory.
Their most recent win makes the Tigers one of the most promising clubs this season. The discipline, determination and the momentum shall be their main weapons when they face Manchester City.


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There is a possibility for the match to end in a draw. The clubs last 4 meetings neither saw the dominance of both squads. Two of them ended in a draw. The other match saw the Blues thrashed the Tigers with 5-1. Yet, Hull returned the favor via securing a 2-1 victory.


Nevertheless, the Blues’ winning chances mainly rely on the fact that they will be playing in their own territory. To note, Pellegrini’s squad have won 36 out of its 38 home matches. Five of them ended in a clean sheet and scored at least 2 goals.


But then again, the club cannot be too overconfident. In their match against Cardiff, they had most of the possession, but their conversion rate failed to meet expectations. Manchester City’s had only managed to come up with a 13% conversion rate. This is in stark contrast to the Cardiff, which had a conversion rate of 33%.


As mentioned, the club needs to beef up its defence. Joe Hart, to be more specific should man up if the club wants to own the upcoming match. The renowned goalkeeper is slowly earning a reputation of making crucial mistakes in tight battles. Pellegrini must also find a way to address their issue of defending set pieces and protecting their lead.


Another dilemma that Pellegrini must work on is Kompany’s absence in the pitch. The club’s team captain is currently suffering from an injury and may not be able to participate in the match.


Meanwhile, as for the Tigers’ side, Bruce intends to use the same starting XI. Unfortunately, Sagbo, just like Kompany shall not be joining the club due to the red card that he got last match.



Photo Credit: Michael Steele/ Zimbio