Match Preview: Livorno vs. Catania

Updated: September 10, 2013


Livorno looks forward to adding another victory under its belt when it meets Catania at home in 15 September 2013.

The clubs have had a  history of encounters and Livorno have always emerged as victors of their matches.


Just like what history suggests, online sports betting odds pick the Amarantos as heavy favorites of the match.



The Amarantos are showing quite a performance in Serie A. Considering the fact that they are one of the newly promoted clubs, it looks like Davide Nicola is slowly earning the fruits of his labor.
Livorno failed to make a stellar start in the league when Roma’s Daniele De Rossi and Alessandro Florenzi fired 2 goals. Nevertheless, the club redeemed itself when it thrashed Sassoulo with 4 goals. Not only did they pull off a scoring spree, they have also limited their opponent’s goals to 1.


Up against Catania, Livorno has another challenge to surpass. And that is making their winning streak. Was their first victory mere luck? Nicola and his men will try to answer such question in a fashionable manner via winning in front of their loyal supporters.



Catania is in dire need of victory. Already in the relegation zone, the Rossazzurris have already lost 2 of their initial matches.
First, it bowed down to Fiorentina’s 2 goals and just recently, Inter thrashed them with 3 goals. Although, it is quite understandable since they were pitted against stronger clubs, but at the end of the day, it is the victories, which ensure their survival in Italy’s top-flight league.


Now that they are going against Livorno, they have the chance to clinch their first win. If there is anything that they should be wary of, this is the fact that they shall be playing in foreign soil.


The verdict: Livorno up by one goal

This is not the first  time that Livorno and Catania have had an encounter in the pitch. Unfortunately for the Rossazzzurris,  the Amarantos dominated majority of their battles.
During their last 6 matches in Serie A, Livorno won 4 and that is with large margins. There is a high possibility for them to repeat the Catania thrashing that they have already started. According to Whoscored, Livorno has a 67% chance of owning the game, while Catania’s chances are only pegged at 33%.


It is also important to note that Catania has witnessed 3 goals, which are scored against them during their last 3 matches. Moreover, the club has failed to win their last 7 matches. Thus, the chance of winning over Livorno is a bit slim.


In this battle, there is no doubt why the odds are definitely, in favor of Livorno.



Match Date: 15 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Armamdo Picchi




Image Source: Livorno