Match Preview: Liverpool vs. Manchester United

Updated: August 28, 2013


Match Date: 01 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Anfield


Despite Wayne Rooney’s uncertain future in Old Trafford, Man U will not be easy with Liverpool. Relatively, Liverpool does not intend to break their winning spree—not in the front of their loyal supporters.



Bold and proud, the Reds are sporting an impressive form in the new season. The club has never lost a match and is currently at the 2nd spot of the Premier League table, which makes the match against Man U even more important.


If they topple David Moyes and his men, the squad shall steal the spotlight from current league leader, Chelsea. Such victory is one of the best ways to welcome the anticipated return of Luis Suarez. Suarez 10-match ban will be over soon and Liverpool can barely wait to see the stellar player make his moves on the pitch.


Manchester United

Wayne Rooney’s departure or stay is still, the core of Man U’s most pressing issues. In a recent clash against Chelsea, Rooney displayed a classy and impressive performance that resulted in a draw. Was it a premonition of his extended stay at Old Trafford? Or was it a preview of what he can do in Chelsea?

The status of Rooney’s transfer remains hanging in thin air. Jose Mourinho already gave Rooney a 48-hour deadline to decide and not until his final answer comes, the Rooney saga will continue to haunt Man U.


As of the moment, Man U can only aspire for a victory. The draw against Chelsea has somehow, slowed down the club’s rise into the Premier League ladder.


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Although the Premier League silverware currently resides at Old Trafford, the current match does not immediately dismisses Liverpool in the competition.


Last season, the Reds made a strong finish. They occupied the 7th spot and their recent victories against Aston Villa and Stoke are not a surprise. Against Man U, it is hard to keep them at bay.


Out of their 14 home matches, the club has managed to keep a clean sheet in 10 of them. They have the home court advantage to prevent Man U from converting every scoring opportunity as shown in their last 2 games, where they dominated and controlled the game. As a matter of fact, from a 53% of possession percentage, it increased to 55% during the match against Stoke.

Suarez may not be back on the pitch, but Daniel Sturrridge, another reliable striker has been efficiently filling the void.

Despite overcoming Aston Villa’s heavy pressing, the club is fully aware of their defence problems. Yet, if the deal with PSG defender, Sakho, pushes through, he becomes an invaluable addition to Martin Skrtel, Daniel Agger and Kolo Toure.


Meanwhile, Liverpool’s clean sheet record barely threatens Man U. Neddless to say, they won the title last season and more than anything else, they are undefeated in 26 of their last 28 matches in the league.

Against Liverpool, there is a possibility for Man U to dominate in the air, just like what they did when they thrashed Swansea where their aerial success is pegged at 58%. The same scenario happened to Chelsea where their aerial success increased to 60%.


As for Wayne Rooney, perhaps his performance during the Chelsea encounter presents his commitment to Man U. If there are any issues between the club and player, addressing them might give a quick fix to this dilemma and if Rooney, is indeed, staying, expect a strong performance from the visitors.


With both teams vying for dominance, the match will more likely end in a draw.





Photo Credit: Alex Livesay / Zimbio