Match Preview: Ligue 1 (Week 16)

Updated: December 2, 2013

Asian sportsbook are rooting for Bastia and Paris Saint Germain this week’s big winners. After thrashing Lyon, PSG looks forward to dominating the pitch again. On the other hand, Bastia shall not miss the opportunity to score more points and therefore enter the league’s top 5.


AC Ajaccio vs Bastia


Match Date: 04 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: Staden Parsemain


Team News

AC Ajaccio

Ajaccio’s encounter with Bordeaux ended in their massive thrashing. The host fired 4 goals and kept a clean sheet against them, thus preventing their aim of clinching a second victory this season.


L’ours is already at the rock bottom part of Ligue’s table. Sitting on the 19th spot, the club needs consecutive victories to ensure their survival. As of the moment, survival has been their main concern. Getting into the top 10 or at least halfway through the mid-table may not be feasible this year. To note, Ajaccio has already lost 6 of their last 7 matches. This readily manifests their poor form, which other clubs exploit and use to their advantage,



Bastia’s current team form is miles away better than Ajaccio. The club enjoys a spot in the league’s top 10 and just recently, it clinched another victory, thus, gaining three (3) extra points.


Bastia have been successful in 7 of its last 8 matches. Such record alone ensures that it has the upper hand against their opponent. Moreover, they were able to keep a clean sheet in 3 of their last encounter against Ajaccio. However, if there is one thing that the club should be wary of, this is their seemingly deteriorating away form. They have been unsuccessful in their last 8 away matches and they need to do something about it as once again, they are faced with the responsibility of securing another victory that is outside of their comfort zone.


Football betting tipBastia

Bastia will not want to open the opportunity to slip down the mid table. A triumph will not only strengthen their campaign this season, this will also help them climb a notch higher in the Ligue 1 table.





Evian Thonon Gaillard vs Paris Saint Germain


Match Date: 04 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: Parc des Sports, Annecy


Team News

Evian Thonon Gaillard

Évian is on the verge of entering the relegation zone after a disappointing loss to Bastia. The club dropped to the 16th spot after Bastia trampled them with 2 goals and a clean sheet. The defeat is already their 3rd in their last 6 matches.


It cannot be denied that the club has been missing the contributions of Kévin Berigaud. His absence has readily affected their scoring. As a matter of fact, they are one of those clubs, which has the lowest goal difference this season. Évian needs to score and defend well to overcome the pressure of entering the relegation zone and being thrown out of the league this season.


Paris Saint Germain

Paris Saint Germain were on a scoring streak when they met Lyon. Goals coming from Edinson Cavani, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Motta resulted to a 4-0 thrashing, much to the disappointment of their supporters.


Despite the slow start and initial struggles this season, PSG has managed to seal their place on top of the Ligue 1 table. Four points ahead of Lille, PSG has never been defeated this season. The best that its opponents can come up to is a draw. In other words, they have been successful in 26 of their last matches.


It is also important to note that the club already averages on 2 goals during their last 8 matches. It is therefore, highly possible for PSG to repeat the thrashing that it did to Lyon during their Évian encounter.


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Lille shall not miss the chance of getting closer to PSG in the Ligue 1 table. The closer their gap, the better. In this way, Lille simply needs to wait for a simple slip to steal the spotlight from them. Meanwhile, Bordeaux’s previous success against Guingamp gives them the confidence of bringing home the bacon with a total disregard for their opponent’s home court advantage. Therefore, Lille and Bordeaux have become the heavy favorites of many online betting sites.


Lille vs Marseille


Match Date: 03 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: Grand Stade Lille Métropole


Team News


Lille’s hard-fought victory against Valenciennes kept their hopes alive in their mission to dominate the Ligue 1 table.


The Great Danes’ battle against Valenciennes was a crucial one. It does not only generate extra points for the club, it also ensures that Paris Saint Germain’s lead shall not go out of control. With the victory, René Girard and his men can keep their club at pace with the current league leaders.


Lille’s triumph over Valenciennes was never an easy one. A bad foul left them with no other option but to play with 10 men as Franck Beria was forced to leave the pitch and unfortunately, he will need to watch the Marseille match from a distance.


But while it is true that Beria’s services will be missed, Lille has another lucky charm to boot and this is no other Vincent Enyeama. Enyeama has been keen in collecting more clean sheets for the club. Beginning 15 September, the reliable goalkeeper has been denying their opponents to score, except for matches where they lost. Lille has already kept a clean sheet in 10 of its most recent matches. A few more matches and Enyeama will soon move a little bit closer to Gaetan Huard’s record of keeping a clean sheet by 1,176 minutes. Enyeama, after the match against Valenciennes, now has 945 minutes under his belt.


Lille’s possibility of clinching a victory against Marseille becomes even higher as the club has exhibited a superb form during home matches. To note, they have been successful in 6 of their last 7 home matches.



Like Lille, Marseille is also one of the top performing clubs this season. Similarly, they have been keeping clean sheets against their opponents too. Just recently, its match against Montpellier ended in a 2-0 victory, thanks to their seemingly impenetrable defence wall. It is also important to note that the recent victory is also their third during their last 6 matches.


Occupying the 4th spot of the Ligue 1 table, Marseille’s away performance has been pretty impressive—something that Lille cannot totally ignore. During their last 6 away matches, 2 of them ended in a victory, three (3) of them ended in a draw and they only lost once. Moreover, Lille should not forget that Marseille has the upper hand during their last 6 encounters.


Football betting tipLille

There is a possibility for the match to end in a draw. But Lille’s superb form at home, shall give them the edge over the aggressive Marseille.





Guingamp vs Bordeaux


Match Date: 04 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stade Municipal de Roudourou


Team News


Jocelyn Gourvennec and his men had smiles in their face when they left Stade Municipal de Roudourou as they were able to secure the upper hand in the awaited Breton Derby.


The above-mentioned derby almost zapped Guingamp’s energy. However, a narrow 1-0 win is more than enough to give their morale a boost when they face Bourdeaux.


Although Guingamp fares well in the Ligue 1 ranking, it has been pretty unsuccessful when they go against Bordeaux. As a matter of fact, they have never won any of their last 6 encounters. Such situation prevents them from being too confident even if they will be meeting in their own territory.



Bordeaux shall meet Guingamp with oozing confidence and the possibility of collecting another win under its belt. Bordeaux just kept a clean sheet against Ajaccio and not only that, it scored 4 staggering points.


This should send a warning to Guingamp— a strong message reiterating that while they rank better than Bordeaux, they have not won a single match against them during their previous encounters. Bordeaux’s confidence also stems from the fact that they average on 2 goals during their last 5 matches.


Given their credentials and the outcome of their initial clashes, it cannot be denied that Bordeaux has the capacity to send some spoils in Guingamp’s own ground.


Football betting tipBordeaux





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Gaining the upper hand in matches does not always relate to having a better rank. Overall form, performance during home and away encounters must be considered as well. Montpellier and Toulouse, online betting favorites, prove that while they have a lower rank, they still exhibit the highest possibilities of winning against their upcoming opponents.


Montpellier vs Lorient


Match Date: 04 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stade de la Mosson


Team News


Jean Fernandez and his men are in big trouble after the 2-0 defeat. Facing Lorient, the club faces survival and form issues as they struggle to retain a spot in Ligue 1.


Despite the Siaka Tiene’s return, Montpellier’s defence was no match for Marseille’s attack. Florian Thauvin scored prior to the half time’s end and Saber Khalifa has even managed to nail a goal in the dying minutes of the match. Montpellier already had a history of encountering problems with Marseille and their recent clash was no different. As a result, the club slipped to the 17th spot, just a notch away from the relegation zone.


A closer look into the club’s last 6 matches saw them failing to score a single victory. A form of two halves, it is best characterized by 3 stalemates and 3 disappointing defeats. If there is anything, which gives them the advantage over Lorient, this is their strong home form where they are unbeaten in 21 of their last 23 home matches.



Lorient came out strong against OGC Nice. Christian Gourcuff’s camp scored 3 fine goals and a clean sheet. Les Merlus now occupies the 14th spot of the Ligue 1 table.


Les Merlus’ victory over Nice was their 3rd in their last 6 matches. Such success, if retained and brought out consistently kicks off a bright future for the club, which sits comfortably at the bottom part of the mid table.


Nevertheless, despite their better rank, this does not guarantee their immediate success as they are simply 2 points ahead of Montpellier. Adding more complexities to this matter is their poor away form where they have only won once. Five (5) of their last 6 away matches ended in defeat. While it is true that they can easily cruise their way past Montpellier—that is if it is the ranking that should be referred to, it might not come easily as top brass, Gourcuff is set for a hip surgery. Sylvain Ripoll shall take over his place and hope that it delivers good results upon Gourcuff’s return.


Football betting tipMontpellier




Lyon vs Toulouse


Match Date: 05 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stade de Gerland


Team News


A 4-0 thrashing from Paris Saint Germain compels Lyon to snatch a victory over Toulouse. While losing to PSG is quite understandable, such lackluster performance should not continue. Such excuse has led to the downfall of other squads, which thrives via defeating weaker clubs.


Goal difference is the only thing that separates Lyon and Toulouse. Both are tied at 19 points and one club can easily advance should they snatch the coveted triumph. Lyon are undefeated in 6 of their last 7 home matches. Yet, this does not immediately translate to having a better home form, since they have only snatched 2 victories while the rest of their encounters saw them settled for a draw.



Toulouse just came off from a resounding win against the minnows, Sochaux, thanks to Wissam Ben Yedder’s hat trick.


Wissam Ben Yedder’s hat trick was indeed, a moral boost for Toulouse. But the intensity to secure more victories became even stronger as Pantzi Sirieix added more damaged. Several minutes before the match’s end, Lionel Zouma of Sochaux delivered a disappointing own goal, which paved way for the encounter to end in a 5-0 victory in favor of Toulouse, Such situation is more than enough for the club to gain more confidence and face another down the wire battle in Stade de Gerland.


Toulouse has a better away form compared to Lyon. The former won twice in their last 6 away matches and this should be seen as a warning to Lyon. At any given moment and with the right timing, Toulouse can easily steal the spotlight from the hosts, This is despite their strong home performance.


Football betting tipA stalemate

Lyon and Toulouse last 6 encounters saw them have an equal share of wins and losses, Given this aspect at hand, indeed, there is a possibility for the match to end in an even steven finish.





Image Source: Le Progres




Both St. Etienne and Stade de Reims will vie for a crucial victory in their upcoming matches. For Stade de Reim, this is their chance to gain redemption from St. Etienne’s thrashing. On the other hand, St. Etienne sees this as an opportunity to make it to the league’s top 3. Given their better performance against their respective opponents, Stade de Reims and St. Etienne are the top picks of various online bookies.


Sochaux vs Stade de Reims


Match Date: 04 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: Auguste-Bonal


Team News


Sochaux is currently trapped in a draw-loss cycle. Unable to maintain their lead, the club suffered a 5-1 loss to Toulouse.


It looks like Sochaux’s is up in an early exit in Ligue 1. Although theoretically speaking, they can still make it to the last spot of the table, their current form barely lives up to such expectation. Toulouse thrashing was simply heart-wrenching, given the fact that they gained the early lead.


They can capitalize on their home court advantage in the upcoming match. Yet, their performance at home was hardly promising. To note, their last 3 home matches ended in a draw. While it is true that stalemates, still, garner additional points, these are barely enough to save themselves from the relegation zone.


Stade de Reims

Reims is trying to recover from a 4-0 thrashing of Saint Etienne. The big loss resulted to their failure to move up in the table. As a matter of fact, the club is now ranked as the 11th best club in the league.


Meeting Sochaux thoroughly works in their favor. Their away form manifests an impressive performance where they were undefeated in 5 of their last 6 away encounters. However, majority of them ended in a draw and they should be careful. Sochaux is fond of forcing a stalemate when playing in their own ground and apparently, Stade de Reims does not want to be in that situation.


Football betting tipStade de Reims





Stade Rennes vs St. Etienne


Match Date: 04 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: Route de Lorient


Team News

Stade Rennes

Stade Rennes failed to take advantage of Falcao and Carrasco’s absence during their encounter against AS Monaco. As a result, the club has to bear with the 2-0 defeat and the pressure of going against Saint Etienne.


Despite playing in their own territory, Stade Rennes, it is a bit difficult to expect victory from the club. Their last 3 home matches ended in a draw and there is a high possibility for their upcoming match to end in such outcome. As a matter of fact, even in their last encounter with Saint Etienne at home, Stade Rennes has only managed to secure the same number of draws.


Nevertheless, should the match end in a stalemate, Rennes should not see this as a liability in their part since a draw still accumulate crucial points.


St. Etienne

St. Etienne’s thrashing of Stade de Reims catapulted them into the 5th spot and therefore, increases their possibility of making it to the top 3.


The above-mentioned result was the club’s 2nd straight win and they should not have a problem visiting Route de Lorient. In as much as they perform well in their own ground, the same thing can be expected when they play away from home.  Yet, as mentioned, they should be wary of the draw. As Stade Rennes is keen on redeeming themselves, it is only but fitting to fully prepare for the upcoming match.


Football betting tipSt. Etienne

 Saint Etienne



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The loss in the Breton Derby shall fuel Nantes’ ambition to climb a higher rank in Ligue 1. Meanwhile, it is still unsure if the strikers of AS Monaco will make it to the match against Nice. Nevertheless, the impressive resumes of its other players and the performance they had against Rennes assure them of an easy victory against Nice. Apparently, taking a shot to these sports betting  top picks, guarantees a favorable result for punters.


Nantes vs Valenciennes


Match Date: 03 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: La Beaujoire-Louis-Fonteneau


Team News


Pitted against Valenciennes, Nantes gets the chance of redeeming itself from the down the wire loss to Guingamp.


Nantes’ defeat was an ultimate heartache to many of its supporters. It was a close fight, which, unfortunately, ended in Guingamp’s favor. Thus, instead of the possibility of entering the top 5 or even the top 3, Nantes will have to wait a little while before they can break into Ligue 1’s elite group. It should be easy for them, considering their difference in rank and tally of accumulated points.


The Canaries sit comfortably on the 6th spot of the table. Their loss, however, was their 3rd in their last 6 matches. Fortunately, they have managed to secure 2 victories, which keep them in the upper part of the table.


Nantes shows off a good performance when playing in their own ground. Playing at home, their last 6 matches saw them clinch 3 victories and 3 losses. While this is better compared to other clubs, the losses open opportunities for upsets and spoils, which other squads can readily exploit. Nevertheless, if the tough gets going for the club, they can always seek the help of Filip Djordjevic, who has been making his name in France’s top-flight league. Djordjevic has had several attempts during the Guingamp clash, yet, none of them was successfully converted. Expect him to feature in the battle against Valenciennes.



Even the 10-man Lille seemed to be too strong for Valenciennes. They put up a great fight though, yet, it went against their favor.


With Frank Beria leaving the pitch several minutes after half time, Valenciennes was unable to capitalize on the opportunity. It was the other way around instead. Thus, the defeat saw them slumped into the 18th spot. Lingering into the relegation zone, the club will soon face the aggressive Nantes, which, like them, wants to clinch another victory.


However, Valenciennes’ current form does not seem to help them snatch a win. They have been unsuccessful in their last 6 matches. So far, they have already lost those encounters. Giving them more headache is their poor away form. Eighteen (18) of their last 20 matches saw them wave the white flag,  thus making the face-off against Nantes,  a total giveaway.

Football betting tipNantes





Nice vs AS Monaco


Match Date: 03 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: Allianz Arena


Team News


Injury problems left Nice struggling in the match against Lorient. Unable to score, the club suffered another loss.


Nice is on an uphill task when AS Monaco visits them. Their most recent defeat was their 5th consecutive loss in their last 6 matches. They are already on the 15th spot of the table and are on their way to the relegation zone.


Until this moment, there is no confirmation if its 2 goal keepers can make it to the pitch since both are nursing a knee problem.


This leaves Claude Puel looking for answers as the pressure to get out of the dreaded arena seems to increase daily. Contrary to the OGC Nice that many are aware of, the club, which finished on the 4th spot last season, is now struggling for survival without the help of their key players.


AS Monaco

Monaco is now reaping the results of their big spending during the summer transfer market. The match’s against Rennes, which ended in their 2-0 victory showed the depth of their form and the various attacking options they had.


Despite Radamel Falco and Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco’s absence on the pitch, James Rodriguez, who is also one of Monaco’s biggest signings scored the club’s first goal. The early lead was eventually doubled with Anthony Martial’s goal, which also sealed the fate of their opponents.


With the victory, Monaco bounced back to the 3rd spot and continues to be a dominating force in the pitch. It was their 2nd straight win, following a loss and a draw. Monaco are undefeated in 14 of their last 15 matches. The encounter against Nice should not come as too much of a problem for the club due to their impressive away form. To note, they have only lost once in their last 6 away matches.


There is still no assurance that Falcao and Carrasco shall make it to back to the Nice’s match. Yet, with the availability of other strikers such as Emmanuel Riviere, the upcoming match should be easy for them.



Football betting tipAS Monaco

 AS Monaco


Image Source: Canal Supporters