Match Preview: FC Augsburg vs. SC Freiburg

Updated: September 5, 2013


Match Date: 14 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: SGL Arena


FC Augsburg

The Fuggerstädter looks forward to their third victory in Bundesliga. Surviving its 2 consecutive losses, the club is determined to make a strong finish this season. Recently, it sought redemption via winning over VfB Stuttgart and Nurnberg.


Pitted against Freiburg, the club becomes more determined than ever. Aware of their weak defence, the club signed Jeju United’s Ji Don-Won.


But while everything goes smoothly for the club, injury issues start to crop out. First on the list is Jan Morávek who is nursing a metatarsal injury.  Likewise, Sascha Molders and André Hahn missed the training.


Molders suffers from an injured ankle whilst Hahn’s injured shoulder will most probably sidelined him in the upcoming match.


SC Freiburg

Freiburg’s current form barely resembles the club that occupied Bundesliga’s 5th spot last season.


With 2 consecutive losses and 2 consecutive draws, Freiburg is fast becoming a familiar face in the relegation arena.


But other than their lackluster performance, Freiburg has been also hitting the news with the transfer of Viktoria Plzen star, Vladimir Dada. Dubbed as the most expensive transfer fee in the club’s history, Dada’s transfer fee was pegged at €4 M.


Dada is seen to be the perfect player to fit Christian Streich’s maneuvers on the pitch. Certainly, he will be the highlight of the match against Augsburg as Freiburg relies on his capabilities to improve the club’s deteriorating records.


Football betting tip: Augsburg will net 2 goals

Freiburg has already lost its last 5 matches in the league. With the way things go in the club, there is a high possibility that they will be maintaining this trend when they meet Augsburg.


Indeed, injuries are Augsburg’s most pressing problem as of the moment. But their players still, have a considerable amount of time to recover.


On the other hand, Freiburg’s problems are purely systemic by nature. Dada may be a remarkable player, however, he will still need time to adjust and familiarize himself in his new home.


Given this aspect at hand, there is no question why Augsburg is this match’s heavy favorite.




Image Source :  Suddeutsche