Match Preview: Bundesliga (Week 12)

Updated: November 7, 2013
VfB Stuttgart v SC Freiburg - DFB Cup Semi Final

VfB Stuttgart is will try to get back in their winning ways and the best way to start it is through defeating SC Freiburg.



SC Freiburg vs. VfB Stuttgart Preview


Match Date: 10 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Mage Solar Stadion


Team Form

SC Freiburg


Freiburg lost three goals when they met with Hamburg on week 10, but they also obtained a clean sheet capped by three innings when they traveled to Nürnberg. The triumph was the side’s first and only true success this season, after spending the rest of their Bundesliga crusade either in the tiresome deadlock charts or in the dreaded red zone. For Christian Streich, this should serve as a feat that he should not mess up. Working harder on his troupe’s defense will give him enough merits for a plausible follow-up win in their next fixtures.


Breisgau-Brasiliane’s generally poor form dismantled their hope for a successful Bundesliga campaign, at which they almost seemed a staple in the league’s relegation zone starting in the third week. Thanks to Klaus, Darida, and Mehmedi, Freiburg are now out of the bottom two. But still, they are far from being a strong pack as they are several points short of joining at least the table’s upper mid-section.


Streich’s best shot to earn a second win is a more concentrated approach in his men’s counter attack. A defensive play is another discipline he should be adept at nailing.



VfB Stuttgart

The Red’s 5-match undefeated streak has finally ended when Borussia Dortmund thrashed them in a 6-12 victory. With such a big loss, the club was forced to go 2 notches lower in the Bundesliga table.


VfB Stuttgart are still in the top 10 though as they were formerly occupying the 8th spot prior to the defeat. But while it is true that such can be still considered as an impressive performance, they cannot afford to lose another match for this might trigger a downward spiral.


Going against SC Freiburg is a definite giveaway for Stuttgart. Against them, they will be able to rack up extra points that could improve their current rank.


Football betting tip: VfB Stuttgart 2-1 SC Freiburg


With a better form, VfB Stuttgart are the match’s heavy favorite. However, expect SC Freiburg to pull off a down the wire thriller as they ensure their survival in the league.




Image Source: FTB Pro