Match Preview: Atletico Madrid VS. Rayo Vallecano

Updated: August 22, 2013


Rojiblancos Overcome Another Major Challenge


Match Date: 26 August 2013 (local time)

Venue: Estadio Vicente Calderón



Atletico Madrid

Unstoppable and determined to add more titles under its belt, the Rojiblancos made a head start this season. This is despite Radamel Falcao’s (El Tigre) exit.


Amidst the concerns, Digeo Costa triggered the club’s scoring. Along with him is Cristian Rodriguez, who managed to deliver during the dying seconds of the match. The encounter against Sevilla ended with a 3-1 win, in favor of Atletico Madrid.


Overall, the Rojiblancos is in tip-top shape. Indeed, they may have lost Falcao, but David Villa from rivals, Barcelona has already made his entry into Atletico Madrid.
The Rojiblancos foresee a brighter future this season. After its win against Sevilla, the club forced a draw against Barcelona in the first leg of their Spanish Super Cup tournament.


Rayo Vallecano

Similar to Atletico Madrid, the Vallecanos are also one of the clubs that secured their first victory in the opening of the new season.


Diego Simeone and his men left Elche scoreless Headed by the 2 Albertos (Alberto Perea and Alberto Bueno), the Vallecanos scored 3 goals and is among La Liga’s top 5 teams.


Football betting tip: Rojiblancos Surmount The Vallecano Pressure

It is a glaring reality that the Rojiblancos roster exhibits more depth. However, it is less likely for the Vallecanos to wave the white flag easily.
Considering their past performance, the numbers favor the Vallecanos. The latter had a better possession and conversion rate than the Rojiblancos.


To note, Atletico Madrid’s possession percentage is a mere 37%, whereas Rayo Vallecano recorded 65%. The presence of David Villa, Diego Costa and the praised Leo Baptistao shall be wasted if the club fails to keep the ball in their side.
Statistically speaking, the Rojiblancos will not have any troubles in monopolizing the ball. The squad can easily deploy their counter attack and dispossess the Vallecanos.


A look into their competitive encounter showed that Paco Jémez and his men had 31 tackles compared to 25 of that of Rayo Vallecano. With Baptistao playing, expect the club to create and recognize more scoring opportunities.


Both Atletico Madrid and Rayo Vallecano are capable of winning the match. Indeed, that is true. But the bigger question is for how long can Rayo Vallecano endure Atletico Madrid’s attacks? Under this context, it is evident that at the end of the day, the Rojiblancos, still, have the upper-hand.




Photo Credit: Sportsmole