Match Preview: Arsenal VS. Fulham

Updated: August 22, 2013
Arsenal again

Arsenal Makes A Great Comeback 

Match Date: 24 August 2013 (local time)

Venue: Craven Cottage 


The Gunners had a poor start this season. Their first match ended in a disappointing loss against Aston Villa. Not only did they lose, they were thrashed with a 3-1 victory. What made matters worse was that Koscielny was forced to leave the pitch, after being handed by a red card.


Although, it was disappointing, the Gunners showed that they are still, a team to beat when they triumphed over Fenerbahce in the Champions League. The match was no less than a redemption of their past performance. With a victory to boot, the club scored 3 goals and kept a clean sheet. For the second time around, Koscielny is in trouble. The latter suffered a nasty cut after Fenerbahce’s striker, Pierre Webo accidentally kicked his right cheek.



Contrary to Arsenal, the Cottagers ended their first match in this season with a win. In a  match that almost ended in a draw, Pajtim Kasami scored the club’s first goal on the 50th. Unfortunately for Sunderland, the latter failed to score the equalizer.


Premier League betting tip: Arsenal goes for another win

Despite its loss to Aston Villa, their recent win over Fenerbahce proves that the club is a worthy contender in the top-flight league.


Indeed, they lost their first match. Yet, losing is quite unlikely to happen when they meet Fulham.
During their past performance, Arsenal had a better possession percentage compared to Fulham. The Gunners had a 64% rating compared to Fulham’s 42%. They can keep the ball longer to their side and use every opportunity to score. It may sound and look a bit aggressive, but they can use the aggressiveness to their own advantage when they meet the Cottagers.


Again, going back to their last matches, Arsenal had more shots compared to Aston Villa. It had a total of 15 shots, whereas Fulham, only had  5 shots against Sunderland.


The only problem that confronts Arsène Wenger is the conversion rate. Despite having more shots, Arsenal’s conversion rate was just a mere 6%. This is way too low compared to Aston Villa’s 30%.


On the other hand, Fulham, had a different story. Against Sunderland, its conversion rate was pegged at 20%.


Wenger and the rest of his men must work at this matter immediately, long before they suffer another defeat.


Meanwhile, with its recent win against Fenerbahce, Arsenal must also be wary of fatigue. Such scenario puts more pressure to the club’s signing difficulties. They need reinforcements and depth. And this should be performed ASAP. Wenger cannot afford to tire out the whole squad and expect to deliver successive wins. Heart and team spirit alone, cannot bag a much needed victory.


Arsenal stands as heavy favorites of this match. With the momentum on their side, the Gunners expect a 3-1 victory over Fulham.


Photo Credit: Swol