Marseille vs. Napoli Preview: Napoli To End Marseille’s Champions League Campaign

Updated: October 17, 2013
Gonzalo Higuain

Match Date: 22 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stade Vélodrome


Rafael Benitez and his squad are aware of Marseille’s scoring problems and they will most likely exploit it during their Champions League encounter.


Team Form


Marseille’s Champions League campaign may not last long should they fall into the hands of Napoli.


The club’s lackluster and (surprising) performance in the tournament, disappointed many. Arsenal outlasted them and so is Borussia Dortmund. As a result, it brought them at the bottom of their group and struggling for their very first victory.


Marseille has been having scoring problems as manifested in their last Champions League matches. They had a hard time scoring against Arsenal and if not for the penalty, the former could have kept a clean sheet over them. A clean sheet is exactly what happened to them when they met Borussia Dortmund. The latter scored 3 goals, which they were unable to answer.



Despite losing to Arsenal, Napoli is confident that it can grab a win against Marseille.
The defeat against the Gunners hardly bothers Napoli. They already have a victory to boast and right now, their main concern is to overcome the tournament’s initial stage instead of worrying over their survival.


Adding more inspiration to the club is Gonzalo Higuain’s determination to clinch not only the Champions League trophy, but also the Scudetto for Napoli. Just recently, the Argentinian striker expressed his plans of exceeding the expectations of Rafael Benitez and the whole Napol’s management.


Football betting tip: Marseille 0-2 Napoli

Marseille’s current Champions League form, hardly promises a clinical finish. They have the skills and creativity. However, it does not seem to translate into winning goals—well at least not in this particular season.


Expect the match to work in favor of Napoli.





Image Source: South London Today