Manchester United vs. Swansea Preview: Manchester United Seeks Redemption At Old Trafford

Updated: January 7, 2014
Manchester United

David Moyes and his men will try to ease the frustrations felt during their abrupt exit in the FA Cup via securing a convincing win at Old Trafford. The club will meet Swansea—the squad behind their FA Cup loss, to avenge their shocking defeat.


Match Date: 11 January 2014 (local time)
Venue: Old Trafford


Team Form

Manchester United

If not for the title, which they have to defend, Manchester United’s current performance is worthy of recognition. But this is not the case for the Red Devils. They have been a formidable force in the Premier League and many are hoping for their “supremacy,” to last only to end up frustrated and disappointed.


Just recently, Manchester United’s FA Cup journey came to a full stop. The club bowed down to Swansea, when Wilfried Bony’s late rally secured the victory. It was a shocking loss and many are probably asking if the squad can gain redemption when the two meet again in the top-flight league.


Manchester United’s team form is definitely much better than Swansea. The club won four (4) of its last six (6) matches and is still, included in the top 10. Yet, for supporters who are used to seeing the club on the top spot, the Red Devil’s current situation is a brand new experience. it has been quite a long time since they had this mishap. Many, however, hope that they shall not get used to such feeling.



Swansea gains a dose of confidence after overpowering Manchester United in the FA Cup. Indeed, the win was an inspiration. But the bigger question, which they have to face is whether they can replicate their recent victory.


Swansea were unable to win a single match in its last six (6) Premier League encounters. Evidently, their form is already crumbling, although they are still very far from the relegation zone. Yet, they need to prove that the presented a well-deserved win in the FA Cup or face the consequences of having their triumph labeled as no more than mere luck.


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The Red Devils remain the as the stronger club in the match, there is no doubt about it. Moreover, Manchester United shall use this opportunity to redeem themselves after a humiliating loss.



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