Manchester United vs. Real Sociedad Preview: Moyes’ Struggle To Glory

Updated: October 18, 2013

Match Date: 23 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Old Trafford


Despite the controversies surrounding Manchester United’s performance, David Moyes is determined to stop their inconsistent performance on the pitch—and their journey to glory begins at Old Trafford.


Team Form

Manchester United

Contrary to the Manchester United known by many, the club seemed to carry their struggling form in the Champions League.


Tied with Shakthar Donessk, the Red Devils failed to clinch 2 straight wins in their campaign, leaving many of its supporters in a pool of disappointment. The heavy favorite and a perennial participant of the tournament is having difficulty living with expectations. What makes it even more surprising is the struggle felt in the group—a group that is comprised of clubs that hardly pass through the initial phase.

Just recently, David Moyes, expressed the club’s lack of “world-class players.” The newly appointed manager stressed that in order for them to survive, the group needs 5 to 6 players who can compete in the international level. Such statement also implies that while it is true that the club can get past the tournament’s minnows, its chances of overcoming big names in the competition (i.e FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munchen, Real Madrid etc) is slim.


From a player’s perspective, there seemed to be a glaring connection between the club’s form and the amount of playing time given to those who want to harness their skills on the pitch. Shinji Kagawa, for one, expressed his disappointment for his reduced appearance. Well, this goes beyond pursuing one’s interest as the former Borussia Dortmund playmaker, has noticed his “degrading” form during international duties.


In one way or another, Kagawa’s statement has its bearing. Could it be that Moyes’ notion regarding the insufficient supply of world-class players is rooted from his failure to fully identify the specific skills set of his players? Could it be that he simply overlooked the potential of his homegrown talents such as the case of Wilfried Zaha?


Zaha shared a similar sentiment with Kagawa. Recently, one of the rising football prodigies has already pushed for his loan early next year. The young player has not been able to participate in any of the Red Devil’s encounter, even with just a fraction of a second. Moyes, on the other hand, justified his side, stating that Zaha is still “not ready” for the true battle.


Nevertheless, the bigger question is when is the perfect time for Moyes’ (benched) but potentially gifted players?


But Moyes is not the sole individual obliged to take the blame. It is still, a bit early to question his ability as manager. The Manchester United take over is still fresh and perhaps, this is also not the right time to expect the club manager to immediately supersede what Sir Alex Ferguson built.


Real Sociedad

Manchester United is not alone in their dwindling and (inconsistent) performance. Real Sociedad is also experiencing the same degree of decline both in the domestic and Champions League.


The current competition witnessed La Real slumped to 2 successive defeats. In La Liga, the club that sky-rocketed to the 4th spot last season is just 2 notches away from the relegation. It was a bitter pill to take. The reality of how a club’s immediate rise to stardom suddenly shifts into a downward movement.


But despite their mishaps and unfulfilled expectations, La Real remains positive about their form. Carlo Vela stressed that the club will continue to improve in its succeeding matches. The La Real starlet also emphasized the importance of their upcoming clash in Old Trafford, saying that the ongoing tournament may be the club’s last appearance. Nevertheless, Vela implied that the insights gained from the competition can add more depth to La Real.


Imanol Agirretxe supported Vela’s claims and hope that the club can “repeat history”—back to the days where Real Sociedad’s strong finish replaced their slow start.


Although the club’s optimism is impressive, the main issue is whether they have enough time to recover. Do they still have the chance to carve an undisputed reputation? Perhaps they have. Perhaps La Real can still defy the odds and repeat history. But in as far as the tournament is concerned, their campaign might come end earlier than expected.



Football betting tip: Manchester United 2-0 Real Sociedad

With Manchester United playing in their own territory, the Red Devils gain an automatic advantage. La Real will also strive to snatch a goal, but apparently, their chances of winning against a more experienced squad, is slim.





Image Source: SCMP