Lyon vs. Sochaux Preview: Lyon In Dire Need Of Consistency

Updated: January 6, 2014
Clement-Grenier- Lyon

Sports betting sites may easily choose Lyon as the heavy favorite over Sochaux. Sitting on the 10th spot of the table, there is no doubt that they are the better side. However, seeing them at the mid table is rather unusual after their strong finish last season. Now that they are heading towards a seemingly guaranteed win over Sochaux, Lyon faces the challenge of being more consistent and clinical in their upcoming matches.


Match Date: 11 January 2014 (local time)
Venue: Stade de Gerland

Team Form


Lyon’s less spectacular performance explains why they are on the 10th spot of Ligue 1. It was a far-flung shot from their strong finish last season where they occupied the 3rd rank of the table. Although what they have is slightly better than other club, they may find it difficult to move a step higher this year and replicate what they did.

On a closer look, Lyon has only won once during their last six (6) matches. Yet, thanks to forcing five (5) draws in their home territory, the club has managed to secure extra points and avoid spiraling down the table.



Winning against Rennes spark new hopes to the already relegated, Sochaux. However, a single victory will not save them from the dreaded area. They need more victories than losses and unfortunately, their current form is the exact opposite of the change that they are rallying for.


Sochaux sits at the 19th spot of Ligue 1. During its last six (6) matches, it suffered four (4) consecutive losses, which could have been easily forgotten because of the victory over Rennes. But, their recent triumph is just their second victorious feat during the season’s first half, which is of course, not so flattering.


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Lyon is fortunate to open the second half of the season with an almost automatic win against Sochaux. But perhaps the bigger issue that they must confront is how far would they go after such an easy victory.



Image Source: Orange