Livorno vs. Sassuolo Preview: Uninspired Sassuolo Ready To Make An Impression

Updated: January 21, 2014

The uninspired Sassuolo is determined to secure their survival this season when they visit Armando Picchi. With the lackluster performance shown by the Amarantos, winning may not be a difficult task for the Neroverdis.


Match Date: 26 January 2014 (local time)
Venue: Armando Picchi

Team Form


Livorno would have to deal with major adjustments with the arrival of their new head honcho, Attilio Perotti. Perotti replaced Davide Nicola following the 3-0 loss to Roma.



The Amarantos are currently sitting at the rock bottom part of Serie A and is in danger of leaving the top-flight league soon. They have not won a single match during their last six (6) encounters and have only accumulated thirteen (13) points. With the new management, the club and its supporters are expecting a major change.



Yet, even with Perotti’s arrival, the club’s performance failed to show an iota of improvement. Perotti also expressed his disappointment with the outcome of their recent match and stressed that they are in dire need of reinforcements.



However, it cannot be denied that even if the reinforcements arrived, this does not necessarily ensure their safety in the relegation. The club will need to adjust and it looks like Perotti shall have a hard time implementing his tactical maneuvers on the pitch, considering the club’s seemingly uncaring reaction during the Roma battle.


Unfortunately, a hard-fought win against the Rosonneris failed to inspire the struggling Sassuolo. The club was brought down to its knees during the Torino match, in which, they were unable to score a single goal.

The consequence of losing the above-mentioned match was frustrating. It pulled the club nearer to the relegation zone and now, they find themselves fighting for survival instead of simply ensuring a safe spot in the table. Right now, Sassuolo is just a notch above the dreaded zone and a simple mistake can pull them even farther.

But if the victory over AC Milan did not motivate the club, perhaps the entry of Lazio striker, Sergio Floccari can trigger a change with the way they perform.

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A little bit of push is the only thing that Sassuolo needs to ensure their survival in Serie A and with the way the Amarantos behave on the pitch, it looks like it will be an easy task.



Image Source: Swide