Ligue 1 Preview: Saint Etienne vs. Caen

Updated: September 9, 2014
AS Saint Etienne

Match Date: 13 September 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stade Geoffroy-Guichard


Saint Etienne’s strong star was suddenly put into a halt when it encountered Paris Saint Germain (PSG). This early, the squad experienced one of its biggest defeats as the defending champion mercilessly threw them to the ground. Les Verts has no option left but to win its upcoming match. It will be too humiliating to suffer another round of defeat at home and within the hands of a newly-promoted squad such as Caen.


The contenders

Saint Etienne

Les Verts’ weak defence caused them to pay dearly for their mistakes. Against a strong squad such as PSG, the squad cannot afford to commit such errors. It is therefore not so surprising to see them being thrashed and slapped by 5 easy goals. The worst part was that they failed to respond or react to PSG’s assaults. The 5-0 win will indeed, impact the squad’s ranking, most especially if the goal difference is taken into consideration.



It was a near miss for Caen. They could have avoided defeat if not for the carelessness that resulted to a penalty. The club could have garnered a point, instead of losing 3 if not for the said error.


But the damage has been done and the best thing that the club could do is use the said mishap to inspire them in their next match.


Possible head turners

A battle of defenders is about to take place in the upcoming match. Expect a head to head encounter between Saint Etienne’s Florentin Pogba and Caen’s Damien Da Silva.



Despite the thrashing, Saint Etienne remains as the match’s online betting favorite, with odds valued at a profitable  1.66.


Saint Etienne 1-0 Caen.


Image Source: El Tiralineas