Ligue 1 Preview: Olympique Marseille vs. Lyon

Updated: October 23, 2014
Lyon-week 11

Match Date: 24 October 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stade Velodrome


Lyon is up for a major challenge in the upcoming week as they are tasked to put a stop in Marseille’s seemingly unstoppable run. Lyon just trounced Montpellier and this should increase their confidence as they visit Velodrome. But the biggest question is, will Marseille disappoint its own crowd?


The contenders

Olympique Marseille

Marseille’s head honcho, Marcelo Bielsa is pleased with his club’s outstanding performance. Apparently, dissatisfaction has no room in a squad that won its last eight (8) matches.


Snatching another batch of three (3) points, Marseille continues to dominate the top-flight league with seven (7) points ahead of the incumbent champion, Paris Saint Germain. Considering how Marseille improved and their seemingly endless impressive performances, there is no doubt that they have become a football betting favorite to win the silverware this season.



Hubert Fournier probably shares a similar sentiment with Bielsa. It is hard for Fournier not to appreciate its club’s massive win against the strong Montpellier. Just recently, Lyon thrashed Montpellier with five (5) goals. The said result was rather expected. Lyon had more scoring opportunities against their opponent. They were clinical too, thus, allowing them to move easily into the 4th spot of the league table.


With a renewed confidence, Lyon can break Marseille’s winning run or at the very least, force Marseille to settle for an even steven finish.


Possible head turners

One of the most exciting part of the match is to see a duel between Marseille’s Andre-Pierre Gignac and Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazatte. Expect the two to pull off a show amidst the roaring crowd.



Olympique Marseille 1-1 Lyon


Image Source: Euro Sport