Ligue 1 Preview: Lyon vs. AS Monaco

Updated: September 9, 2014

Match Date: 12 September 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stade Gerland


Will AS Monaco return to Ligue 2? So far, this has been the most pressing question that the club has to answer. Dubbed as the league’s biggest spender, it seemed that the squad was unable to capitalize well from the sale of James Rodriguez, Emmanuel Riviere and recently, the loan of Radamel Falcao. The last season runner-up fell short in acquiring a suitable replacement, as the team seems to spiral down towards the relegation zone.


But Lyon’s case was not that better either. The squad is also flirting in the dreaded zone after suffering a series of unfortunate events. As the week progresses, there is a strong need for Lyon to secure more wins. They are just a notch higher than the bottom 3 and suffering another defeat could slow down their campaign.


The contenders


Lyon just suffered its 3rd consecutive defeat this season. The squad fell into the hands of the newly-promoted, Metz. This is despite Alexandre Lacazette’s strong determination to clinch 3  points for the squad.


Lacazette scored and gave Lyon the lead, but a late rally from Metz pushed them to wave the white flag.


AS Monaco

Thanks to Dmitar Berbatov’s goal on the 61st that AS Monaco was able to avoid an impending defeat. Lille is not a push-over squad and it has readily showed its strength when Nolan Roux gave them the lead. But Monaco was resilient. Aware that a loss could push them to the rock bottom pit of the table, a persistent Berbatov scored the equalizer, which saved them from the shame of losing another match.


Possible head turners

Once again, expect Berbatov to unleash a possible scoring explosion in the match. Monaco’s lackluster performances sidelined them from being a heavy online betting favorite in the match and Berbatov knows this well.



Both squads are readily desperate for a win and will fight tooth and nail just to secure the upper-hand.


Therefore, there is a strong possibility for the match to end in an even steven finish.


Lyon 1-1 AS Monaco.


Image Source: Leliberolyon