Ligue 1 Preview: Caen vs. Paris Saint Germain

Updated: September 22, 2014

Match Date: 24 September 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stade Michel d’Ornano


There is a big question if Caen can sustain its momentum and cause another bout of upset against the defending champion, Paris Saint Germain.


Indeed, their upcoming match will be held in their territory, but is home court advantage enough to ensure that they shall get the upper hand? They can get all the morale support that they need, but Paris Saint Germain, which is currently flirting with desperation and frustration is more than willing to fight tooth and nail to clinch a well-deserved victory.


The contenders


Caen’s even steven finish against Toulouse resulted to their upward movement in Ligue 1’s divine hierarchy. It can be fairly considered as a success. However, a closer look into this matter showed that what transpired was actually a near miss. They squad could have gotten the 3  points and could have ranked better  if not for Pavle Ninkov’s late minute goal.


Paris Saint Germain

The defending champion and football betting favorite, PSG experienced the same fate as that of Caen. But the stalemate against Lyon was more of a boon than bane. It simply added more damage to the squad’s faltering popularity as supporters booed the team after the said match.


Back in the Champions League, PSG was also forced to be content with an even steven finish against Ajax.


When will these series of stalemates end? Only PSG can answer this one. But one thing is certain, they need to get their quick fix soon.


Possible head turners

Edinson Cavani seems to get the hang of scoring for the PSG camp. Against Lyon, it was his goal that prevented a possible defeat. Nevertheless, should his outstanding performance continue, he and Zlatan Ibrahimovic will definitely form a threatening scoring duo.



Caen 0-2 Paris Saint Germain


Image Source: Goal