Ligue 1 Preview: Caen vs. Lorient

Updated: October 23, 2014

Match Date: 23 October 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stade de la Route de Lorient


With both squads being punished by disappointing defeats, Caen and Lorient are on the verge of desperation to clinch a massive victory. Expect both clubs to play a down the wire match as they struggled to veer away from the relegation zone.


The contenders


Scoring a draw against Bordeaux barely helped Caen in its ambition to move out of the relegation zone. As a matter of fact, it even pushed them to the rock bottom part of the table.


So far, Caen has only scored three (3) meager points during its last six (6) matches. Evidently, this will not suffice to give them the push they need to catapult their rank.


Its only consolation however, is that their upcoming match will be held in their own ground and that they can readily use its home court advantage to gain the lead.



Definitely, Lorient is in a bad shape and its ability to retain its Ligue 1 status is at risk and its narrow defeat to Saint Etienne further pushed them to the bottom of the table.


Currently, the squad sits on the 15th spot of the league table. There is no assurance that they will dominate the match against the newly promoted Caen though. Its team captain Wesley Lautoa incurred an injury, which may sideline him in the match. But despite its unhealthy form, rest assured that Lorient remains as the clash’s online betting favorite.


Possible head turners


Lorient’s scoring chances during their face-off against Saint Etienne saw them with very limited scoring opportunities. But thanks to defender Raphael Guerreiro, the club was able to keep the ball to their side.


Caen 0-1 Lorient


Image Source: Le Talk Show Stephanois