Ligue 1 Match Preview: Rennes vs. Bastia

Updated: March 26, 2014
FOOTBALL : Toulouse vs Rennes - 11eme Journee de L1 - 26/10/2013

Match Date: 30 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stade dele Route–de-Lorient



The possibility of seeing a stalemate in the match between Bastia and Rennes is high. This is despite the disparities seen in the clubs’ rank.


At a glance it is easy to identify Bastia as the online betting favorite. It occupies the 10th spot of the table and has already accumulated 40 points this season. However, on a closer look, it can be seen that its rank is just a mere façade of the what really happens within the club.


Bastia’s 2-0 victory against Reims was their first win in their last 6 matches. A series of defeats have been plaguing Bastia. Its away form also struggles. The club’s seemingly hopeless away form resulted to 14 losses and the minnow Rennes can readily take advantage of this.
Rennes’ performance in its last 6 matches is better than that of Bastia. It has ended its 3-match losing streak via securing a narrow victory against Marseille. It also sealed their 2nd win within their last 6 encounters. Although it has conceded 2 goals in its last 3 home matches, their desire to veer away from the relegation zone can motivate them to yield a better performance. Due to this, it is highly possible for Rennes to force a draw in this encounter.


Prediction:  Rennes 



Image Source: Sport FR