Levante vs. Villarreal Preview (Week 14) : Levante Stops Its Losing Streak At Home, Keen On Forcing A Draw Against Strong Villarreal

Updated: November 13, 2013

Villarreal will continue to display a stellar show against Levante, following their impressive performance against Atletico Madrid. But Levante will refuse to throw in the white towel as the pressure to win in their own territory continues to increase. Moreover, they have been very strong against Villarreal during their past encounters, thus having a draw is highly possible.



Match Date: 24  November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Ciudad de Valencia


Team Form


Joaquín Caparrós pointed at inconsistent defence that triggered their submission to Athletic Bilbao.


In a sudden turn of events, Levante trailed Athletic Bilbao after taking an early lead in the match. The latter’s late rally resulted to 2 straight goals several minutes before the match ended. What even frustrated Caparrós was the awareness of such attacks and the seemingly wasted efforts shared to prepare for such comeback. It was their 2nd straight loss during their last 6 matches. Levante now stands at the 10th spot of the La Liga table and are now preparing to redeem themselves in their upcoming encounter against Villarreal.


Despite Caparrós positive stand in their next match, it seemed like clinching a victory will not come easy. Its reliable Costa Rican goalkeeper, Keylor Navas is sidelined due to a recurring injury. Although, this is far from being career threatening, Navas does not want to take his chances as this could lead to further damage in the future.



Marcelino Garcia Toral expressed his satisfaction with the draw against Atletico Madrid, but regretted that his side failed to convert their scoring opportunities.


Toral mentioned his delight after having “control” of their match against Diego Simeone’s camp. Such delight stems from the fact that they were able to dominate the club that took the early lead—which, in reality was an own goal by Mario.
El Madrigal now shifts the focus to its upcoming match, Levante. The two had an equal share of victories during their last 6 matches and definitely, Toral is up for another great challenge.


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Although Levante has been unsuccessful in 10 of their 11 home matches, there is still, a possibility for them to force a draw against Villarreal. As mentioned, their last 6 matches saw them have an equal number of wins. Moreover, the increasing pressure to put on a  show in their own territory shall drive the club to fight tooth and nail and avoid another humiliating loss.




Image Source: FTB Pro