Lazio vs. Internazionale Milan Preview: Inter, An Evolving Threat In Serie A

Updated: January 3, 2014

Lazio and Inter’s face-off has been causing too much anticipation and excitement in online bookies. Equally aggressive and determined, one can only expect a down the wire match. Yet, in this highly anticipated encounter, it looks like the depth of Walter Mazzarri’s club shall get the upper hand in this match. 


Match Date: 06 January 2014 (local time)
Venue: Stadio Olimpico
Team Form


A 4-1 thrashing from the newly promoted Hellas Verona leaves Lazio struggling in entering the table’s top five (5). The defeat meant it was their 3rd out of their last six (6) matches. Seeing such disappointing results from is quite a surprise for a club, which clinched the Coppa Italia last season and made a strong performance in the Europa League. But the (impossible) slowly materializes.


The decline is partly triggered by the club’s difficulty in adjusting to the 4-3-3 formation. Outside, the approach seems to work well for Lazio. Yet, it was a different story inside the pitch.


The above-mentioned approach weakened the club’s defence as players embark on a painful adjustment with their new roles. This also affected their attacking options as the creativity to formulate scoring opportunities became limited. Such forced the club to rely on frustrating shots instead of going for a more clinical finish.


Lazio’s problems, however, does not end with adapting a new tactical approach. When its head hocho, Vladimir Petkovic was appointed as Switzerland’s top brass, there have been questions on how he can possibly divide his time, focus and attention in two (2) equally demanding tournaments (Serie A and World Cup).


The new year brings more chances for Lazio to advance. The more pressing issue, however, is whether they can maximize and use them to their advantage.



Inter’s performance exhibits potential and with a dose of consistency, they could look forward to a strong finish this season. The narrow victory over the rival, Milan is more than enough to trigger and continue their momentum.


The squad’s success is directly attributed to Mazzarri’s success in implanting the 3-5-1-1. It bolstered their attacking options, which, in return, made it easier for them to collect more points. But the above-mentioned formation is not without any weaknesses. It gave him the responsibility of picking the right combination of midfielders—an area in which Inter has plenty to brag about. Yet, Mazzarri’s spoilt for choice scenario has been preventing him from mixing the right players and finding the right groove and rhythm for the squad.


Yet, despite the inability to maximize the club’s potential, what is more important is that the changes, yield results, regardless of whether they are big or small. Inter is on the verge of perfecting their playing style and in due time, it is not surprising to see join the Scudetto race.


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Inter will definitely capitalize on the ruckus created by Petkovic’s new responsibility. It may not be an easy win though, as the hosts will less likely to throw in the white towel.




Image Source: Football 365