La Liga Preview: UD Almeria vs. Villarreal CF

Updated: August 6, 2013

Their duel last August 1 at La Manga Stadium yielded a 1-0 final tally, in favor of Almeria. This August 18, a rematch will take place between the aforesaid team and Villarreal, capping the event with a spectacle probably not seen in their previews match. Will this tournament become a consecutive triumph for Francisco Rodríguez’s men or will it serve as an opportunity for the Marcelino García Toral-led side to enforce retaliation? Online betting trends are up again for identifying the plausible winners.


Almeria and Villareal’s La Manga match was a test of which side could fare better in the top-tier football division of Spain. As both teams have just recently been promoted from Segunda División, this tourney (and their most recent matches as well) would be a good gauge to determine if they could tackle La Liga old hands in a much more escalated approach.

The 0-1 win of Almeria over their opponents was not an easy solace. Although they engaged in the match with utmost confidence, they did not start the initiative to make goals. Villarreal were resolute in the initial rounds to take on the goals, but none of the players’ strikes have been converted into a score. Almeria started becoming the captains of the match’s ship; doubling the pressure they could inject to stun their opponents completely.

Coach Rodríguez focused on the starting lineup, with Marcelo Silva, Ramon Azeez, Verza, and Soriano keeping a good control of their ball. The team came out decisively, and three minutes after the restart Aleix Vidal almost made a goal, but Villarreal’s Aitor was agile to obstruct the accomplishment.

Nevertheless, Verza was able to post 0-1 on the scoreboard in the 74 minutes, which was a conversion of the penalty committed by Alic on Soriano. Oscar Diaz nearly made a follow up score, but the referee considered it offside.

Villarreal essentially has good barricade tactics, but Almeria are perseverant to make scores. While preventing the ball from reaching the goal is very important, striking scores is a lot more imperative in deciding a match’s fate. Almeria might still win, but similar with their previous match, the score difference would be very slim.


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