La Liga Preview: Real Sociedad vs. Getafe

Updated: October 14, 2014

Match Date: 20 October 2014 (local time)

Venue: Anoeta


La Real’s poor start has raised concerns at Anoeta. Formerly known as one of the strongest clubs in the top-flight league, it seems that Real Sociedad has already lost its teeth and grit. Nowadays, the group seems to struggle in the rock bottom part of the table—something that is quite unlikely to happen for a team that has been used to appearing in the top 5.


The contenders

Real Sociedad

Jagoba Arrasate is not blind to La Real’s lackluster performance. Since the season started, the squad has only won once and thrives only through draws. Its most recent defeat witnessed the team bowed down to Espanyol—a club, which was seen to be inferior to them.


Due to this Arrasatae rallied a call for major improvement. Its star player, Carlos Vela also asked for unity among the players.


La Real currently struggles on the 15th spot of the La Liga table.



Although Getafe has managed to pull off a stalemate in the dying minutes of its match against Cordoba, still, its performance can be considered as something that is below one’s expectations.


Getafe is just several points above La Real and this does not immediately translates to making them as the match’s online betting favorite. Getafe needs to be more aggressive if they are indeed, serious on making a stronger finish this season. Definitely, mediocrity has no place in their camp as this will only compromise their campaign.


Possible head turners

In this upcoming match, one should keep their eyes on Carlos Vela as the Mexican star player will most likely explode and do the scoring for the squad.



Real Sociedad 2-1 Getafe


Image Source: SB Nation