La Liga Preview: Real Betis to unlock face-off against Granada

Updated: September 16, 2013
Real Betis

La Liga contenders Real Betis and Granada are closely ranked in the current league table, sitting on the 11th and 12th spots, respectively. Both sides have also scored the same overall points and obtained identical match results (one win, one loss, two draws). Hence, a match between these teams will prove to be a very tight one. But that will only be seen when they meet in the pitch on September 21 for their La Liga fifth-week battle. The Estadio Benito Villamarín in Sevilla will serve as the match venue.


Real Betis debuted in the competition rather disappointingly, having been thrashed by powerhouse Real Madrid 1-2. While the result was expected, it was still considered a weak kick-off. For their second stint, the side yet again scored a loss after being beaten 1-2 by Celta de Vigo. Their third appearance was quite comforting, and though they only managed to have a draw with Espanyol, it was enough to break their poor streak. In fact, they improve very well in their next match. A 3-1 score was obtained to win the tourney against Valencia. Despite Castro and Verdu being sidelined for injury, Béticos were still able to score brilliant goals. Thanks mainly to Salva Sevilla, the team successfully opened the scoring and followed it up with two more powerful innings.


Granada’s curtain raiser gave them an early prediction that they will progress in the competition strongly, with football betting sites giving them substantial preference. Defeating Osasuna 2-1 was El Graná’s one way of saying that they are no easy targets. Unfortunately, the sudden triumph was later proven to be a short-lived success, with the side suffering downfalls from well-equipped Real Madrid and Espanyol. A draw was obtained when Granada fought against Celta, but it was not enough to allow them to rank in the upper half of the League table.


While both sides are on a neck-and-neck placement, one of them might probably win the clash on a very slim circumstance. Granada opened their campaign really well but have since been declining. Real Betis were shaky at the start but are slowly regaining their composure. That said, Béticos will emerge victorious by the end of this tourney.


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