La Liga Predictions

Updated: September 20, 2013

Match Preview: Valencia vs. Sevilla


Match Date: 22 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Estadio de Mestalla


Online Sports Betting Tip — Valencia looks forward to clinching its 2nd win at Sevilla’s expense. The club that made a strong finish last season is currently on the verge of falling into the relegation zone. Should they lose, the squad shall have a hard time moving up the league table.


Valencia shall try to reclaim its fading glory as they meet Sevilla in Estadio Mestalla.
Contrary to the club’s strong finish last season, Los Che is now a notch away from the dreaded relegation zone. It is a bit hard to imagine or even unexpected to see last season’s 5th placer struggling to claim their 2nd victory. To note, the club has only won once, while the rest of its 3 last matches are frustrating losses.


On the other hand, Sevilla’s performance is also below satisfactory. After 4 matches, the club failed to win a single match. The result is equally divided into 2 losses and 2 draws. Going against Valencia, the squad shall try to improve their rank in the table.


The Verdict: Valencia nails 2nd victory

Sevilla has failed to capitalize on their last 18 away matches and Valencia will most likely take advantage of this situation.


However, Valencia should be wary of the number of goals that they concede. Currently, they concede at least 3 goals in their recent matches.


With both clubs struggling for victory, expect them to engage in a down the wire match that will determine their fate this season.



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Match Preview: Celta Vigo  vs. Villareal


Match Date: 22 September 2013 (local time)

Venue: Estadio de Balaídos


Online Sports Betting Tip — Villarreal shall not waste a single getting past through Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in La Liga. It may be a short stint, but definitely, the club shall enjoy such opportunity that will only come from Celta Vigo’s defeat.


Sporting 10 points under its belt, Villarreal is in exceptional form this season. They never lost a match in their last 4 encounters. Three (3) of them were consecutive victories, while their most recent battle ended in a draw.
Up against Celta Vigo, the club is keen on adding another triumph into its record and have a short stint on top of other league giants, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.


Brave and also determined to improve their rank is Celta Vigo. Their current form may not be as sturdy as that of Villarreal, but they are one powerful force to reckon with.


Celta Vigo’s last 4 matches saw them secure a single victory, a loss and 2 draws. Committed to winning another match, the club shall fight tooth and nail to go home triumphant.


The Verdict: Villarreal occupies top spot in La Liga

Expect Villarreal to defy the odds when they face Celta Vigo. Their current situation opens up a great chance to be temporarily on top of the tournament and for sure, they shall not let it pass.


Likewise, the club is expected to go on a scoring spree. In its previous matches, Villarreal has managed to score at least 2 goals and it is extremely likely that they shall do the same.


Meanwhile, the visitors may not easily wave the white flag. Like Villarreal, they also need a victory to remain in Spain’s top-flight league. Definitely, they shall try to keep the guests at bay when they meet.


Villarreal, on the other hand, should not be too overconfident. Otherwise, they may find themselves falling downwards into the ranking.



Image  Source: Zimbio