La Liga Match Preview (Week 28)

Updated: March 10, 2014
Atletico Madrid vs. Espanyol

Atletico Madrid vs. Espanyol


Match Date: 15 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Vicente Calderon


David Villa’s grand return resulted to a rise of Atletico Madrid’s rank in La Liga. Scoring two (2) crucial points, he catapulted the club to the 2nd spot of the table, put them back on the title race and lowered their local rival’s (Real Madrid) lead to a single point.


Although Atletico has been undefeated in twenty-six (26) of their last twenty-nine (29) matches, their 3-0 loss to Osasuna and the even steven finish against Real Madrid, loosened their grip of the top-flight’s league top spot. Such result therefore compels them to win as many matches as they can to keep the pressure against the Los Blancos and push their title campaign. Apparently, their recent win can be considered as one of their biggest victories in the second half of the season for it saved them from being booted out of the title race. Thus, it is not surprising to see Diego Simeone express his admiration over Villa.


Making the win even more memorable was the fact that Villa just recovered from an injury and definitely, his previous performance is one of the best ways to make his presence felt.


Atletico Madrid’s average goals in their last twelve (12) home matches are two (2). Yet, with Villa around, one can expect this to go beyond 2 goals.


Meanwhile, Espanyol, Atletico’s upcoming opponent, has also snatched an important victory against Elche. The result could inspire their visit to Vicente Calderon, but their head honcho, Javier Aguirre has a different take on this matter.


Indeed, the triumph was worthy of one’s plaudits and that being catapulted to the 9th spot of the table, was already an accomplishment to brag. Yet, in Aguirre’s word, the thirty-six (36) points will not suffice to secure their safety.


Prediction: Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid is pegged as the online betting’s favorite to win at 1.99. With Villa around, the total goals might go beyond 2. Looking at this, to predict that the match shall have at least 2-3 goals, might generate positive result. Such betting option is pegged at 2.02 at 12BET.


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Villareal vs. Athletic Bilbao


Match Date: 17 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Estadio El Madrigal


Marcelino Garcia Toral had no ill feelings with Villarreal’s shocking loss against Granada. The Yellow Submarine sank in a humiliating fashion when their mid-table opponent stole the show with two early goals.


Toral stressed that his side’s inability to match Granada’s intensity prompted their defeat. The club’s top brass added that during the last remaining days of the season, it has become a trend for mid-table and relegation-prone squads to give their opponents a hard time winning. This is in stark contrast to top clubs, which have been partially consumed by complacency. It is therefore, not surprising to see spoils and stuns in such encounters.

 Athletic Bilbao and Villarreal

Fortunately, for the Yellow Submarines, the loss did not push them on a downward spiral as they remained on the 4th spot of the table.


On the other hand, Athletic Bilbao’s head honcho, Ernesto Valverde, was unhappy with the even steven finish against Valencia. Valverde considers the club as one of their direct rivals along with their upcoming opponent, Villarreal.


Valverde stressed that it is difficult to be content with a draw and perhaps his arguments are valid. The importance of such match, knowing it could affect their future performance may signal a sudden slip in the table. They need some inspiration before they visit Estadio El Madrigal. But unfortunately, the result was far from what they expected.


Prediction: Draw

The Villarreal-Athletic Bilbao is one of the highly anticipated matches next week. Both clubs have shown an impressive performance this season, as illustrated in their rank at the La Liga table. Athletic Bilbao sits on the 4th spot, whilst Villarreal immediately follows them.


Athletic Bilbao had a better rank. However, they have only won once against Villarreal during their previous encounter. With the expected intensity of this match, betting for a draw is a profitable pick in this match. In the sports betting site, 12BET, a draw is pegged at 3.20 and should deliver a decent value.


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Sevilla vs. Real Valladolid


Match Date: 16 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan


Unai Emery praised his lads’ impressive performance against Almeria. The club manager was readily satisfied with the focus they showed in the match, instead of their upcoming derby against Real Betis in the Europa League.


Emery stressed that they needed to shift their attention to the domestic league first before they worry about the “implications” of their Europa League. He added that they need to “play every game thinking about the next.”


Sevilla currently sits at the 7th spot of the table and they are 2 points away from qualifying in the Europa League next season. In terms of their team form, Sevilla’s 3-1 win against Almeria was their 3rd consecutive victory in their last 6 matches.


Pitted against Real Valladolid, the club is keen on securing another important win.


Speaking of Valladolid, the club has taken the limelight last weekend after their “shocking win” against Barcelona. The minnow overpowered when the current title holder failed to respond to Fausto Rossi’s (Valladolid) early goal.

 Sevilla FC v Rayo Vallecano de Madrid - La Liga

Juan Ignacio Martinez never ran out of appreciation for his boys and expressed that his side’s victory is worthy of “endless praise.” However, Martinez reminded his club that the win, no matter how great it was, has only given them three (3) points and they need to clinch more wins in order to come out of the relegation zone.


Prediction: Sevilla

Sevilla remains as the football betting’s favorite in this particular match. They are pegged to win at a lucrative 1.99 odds at 12BET. But they cannot be complacent for while it is true that Valladolid is on the 18th spot of the table, their win over Barcelona gave them a renewed confidence that could spark another upset.


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Getafe vs. Granada


Match Date: 14 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Coliseum Alfonso Perez


Winless in their last twelve (12) matches, Getafe’s manager, Luis Garcia described the draw against Espanyol as “another step backward” for the club.


Getafe currently fights for survival. They are far from the relegation zone, but the 15th spot is not the safest place to be in as the season nears its end. With the inability to veer away from the relegation zone, Garcia disclosed that he understands if the management decides to sack him.


Other than the winless record, Getafe is also having problems with their scoring. They were kept at bay in six (6) of their last seven (7) matches. Likewise, they were unable to score a single goal in five (5) of their last seven (7) away encounters.

 Getafe and Granada


In the meantime, Granada has recovered from their last 2 consecutive losses. Similar to Valladolid, they too, have also delivered a shocking win when they destroyed Villarreal last weekend.


Prediction: Granada

Granada maintains a 3 –point lead over Getafe. Their ranks are also not so very far away from each other. Granada is on the 12th spot of the table, whilst Getafe is on the 15th. However, in terms of form, it is evident that Granada fills the shoes of the sports betting favorite. Their possibility of winning, which is pegged at 3.19, is highly possible of generating lucrative amounts.


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Levante vs. Celta Vigo


Match Date: 15 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Ciudad de Valencia


Levante just suffered a crucial drop in their rank last weekend. The club had to endure its first defeat within its last 6 matches as goals from Real Madrid destroyed them with ease.


Unable to respond, Levante had to endure a 3-0 defeat and a ban against David Navarro.


Navarro received a red card after a pitch ruckus with Cristiano Ronaldo,


Meanwhile, the return of David Villa prevented Celta Vigo from a possible improvement in their current rank. The club is stuck on the 11th spot of the table but eager to penetrate the top 10 soon.


Prediction:  Stalemate

Both Levante and Celta Vigo are keen on redeeming themselves after going through disappointing loss. With the aim to make a stronger finish this season and with the impressive form to back them up, this football betting tip considers the possibility of ending in a draw. Odds at 3.10 prove to be a decent value for this one.



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Elche vs. Real Betis


Match Date: 16 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Martinez Valero


A disappointed Fran Escriba pointed to his side’s “lack of attitude,” as the main culprit behind their slip in the La Liga table. Elche’s 3-1 loss to Getafe sank them to the 14th spot of the top-flight league.


According to Escriba, the previous match was one of the rare occasions where his squad “did not have the feel” to give their all to the said encounter. Along with that, he also admitted that he too, had a share of shortcomings, which resulted to their lackluster performance.


Fortunately, Elche’s continues to be in a stable form. The loss was only their second defeat within their last 6 matches. Their defence is also in good shape as they have managed to keep 4 clean sheets in their most recent encounters at home.


Pitted against Real Betis, it cannot be denied that the club has an immediate edge over their opponent.


But then again, Elche cannot afford to be too complacent with Real Betis. The latter may be at the rock bottom part of the table, but recently, they caused an upset against Getafe.



Goals from Leo Baptistao and Ruben Castro destroyed their opponent and there is a high possibility for these 2 to feature in their upcoming match.


Prediction: Elche

Real Betis may have the confidence, but Elche has a better form and rank. The latter is expected to dominate the match with odds pegged at 2.26. Also, there is a high possibility for the online betting favorite to exploit Real Betis’ poor away form.
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Barcelona vs. Osasuna


Match Date: 16 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Estadio Camp Nou


Barcelona is currently under fire after dropping to an unfamiliar spot. The defending champion shares similarities with Manchester United’s fate, although theirs is not that worse from what the Red Devils experience.


Recently, in what seemed to be a give-away match for Barcelona, ended in tragedy. Real Valladolid, a minnow gave them an unforgettable shock when they secured a narrow victory over them. But it is not just losing the points that readily bothers the squad the most. Rather it is more on allowing their chances to sip away slowly.

 Barcelona vs. Osasuna

Meanwhile, Osasuna also experienced a nasty slip in the La Liga table. Pitted against Malaga, the club was kept at bay when their opponents scored two (2) goals and they were unable to respond. Similarly, the loss meant that they have to go down to the 15th spot and struggle for their survival next season.


Prediction: Barcelona


Despite the loss, it cannot be denied that Barcelona remains as the stronger club. They are still the match’s online betting favorite due to their strong form. This is most especially true when it comes to their performance at home.


To note, they are undefeated in twenty-seven (27) of their last twenty-eight (28) matches. Beating them at Camp Nou is never an easy feat and it is for this reason that going for a 2.17 for the home side, proves to be a lucrative bet.


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Malaga vs. Real Madrid


Match Date: 15 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Estadio La Rosaleda


Despite moving up to the 13th spot of the table, Malaga’s head honcho, Bernd Schuster continues to be anxious about his side’s survival.


According to Schuster, while he is pleased and satisfied with the club’s performance, the victory will neither impact nor influence the course of Malaga’s upcoming matches. He stressed that the match’s result will “absolutely make no difference at all.”

Real Madrid and Malaga

Malaga’s form has been a satisfactory one. That is if one has to consider the results of its last six (6) matches. In those encounters, the club sports an equal number of wins, losses and draws. Such result. if compared to what other squads have achieved, is evidently, better and could serve as an inspiration to stand up to the challenge posted by their next opponent, Real Madrid.


Speaking of Real Madrid, it is no longer surprising why they are now leading the pack in La Liga. Sporting a 5-match undefeated streak, the Los Blancos’ success extends to fourteen (14) big wins during their last seventeen (17) battles. Moreover, their scoring spree averages on around two (2) goals in fifteen (15) of its recent encounters.


Prediction: Real Madrid

Going for Real Madrid as the sports betting favorite is a profitable pick. Odds pegged at 2.21 is of decent value and can generate satisfying results. Likewise a 1.93 odds for over, would generate a lucrative result.


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Rayo Vallecano vs. Almeria


Match Date: 15 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas


Rayo Vallecano’s winning rampage seems to be unstoppable as of the moment. After winning over Valencia, the club repeated their victorious feat when they went against the strong Real Sociedad. Much to the surprise of many, the struggling Rayo Vallecano  outlasted their opponent with a narrow win of 2-3.


The Vallecanos currently occupy the second next lowest spot in the table. But with twenty-six (26) points under its belt, it is only a matter of goal difference that prevents them from leaving the relegation zone. Yet, with the way things go for the club and with survival that is almost within their reach, indeed, the minnow transforms into a strong force, which according to their manager, Paco Jemez, would be “difficult to stop. “

 Rayo Vallecano and Almeria

Meanwhile, Almeria, Rayo Vallecano’s upcoming opponent, is also situated at the rock bottom part of the table. They are struggling for survival too, but they have a better goal difference, than the Vallecanos.


The result of Almeria’s past encounter, however, is far from being satisfying. They conceded three (3) goals to Sevilla, which resulted to their devastating loss. It is also evident that the number of their losses tend to outlast the number of wins that they have accumulated throughout the whole season. It is therefore, not so surprising to see them on the struggling side.


Prediction: Rayo Vallecano

As mentioned, the goal difference is the only thing that keeps them from leaving the relegation zone. With the strength they show, they become the top pick of football betting tips.  They are pitted to win at 1.99 in 12BET. A draw is also possible since survival is readily at stake here. Thus, going for a draw at 3.33 also presents a decent value.


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Real Sociedad vs. Valencia


Match Date: 16 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Estadio Anoeta


Real Sociedad’s unexpected loss to the minnow, Rayo Vallecano helped their head honcho, Jaggoba Arrasate arrived into a conclusion that their performance just “got worse.” His side was ahead twice, but the resilient Vallecanos quickly responded, secured and equalizer and eventually turned the tides into their favor.

 Real Sociedad and Valencia

What made the result even harder to accept was the fact that they were playing in their own territory, where they are known to be at their best form. The humiliation was simply too much to bear and the poor team form characterized by 3 losses, a draw and 2 wins were a great punch to the club’s morale. Apparently, they cannot afford to remain stuck in such depressing thought as their upcoming match against Valencia demands total focus and attention.


Valencia, Estadio Anoeta’s next visitor overflows with confidence. The club clinched a draw against Athletic Bilbao. Indeed, they gained just a mere point. However, a point is enough to catapult their rank to the 8th spot of the table. As Juan Antonio Pizzi disclosed, the club lived up to expectations and “made up for their lackluster performance last week.


In terms of their team form, it is evident that Valencia had the upper-hand against their opponent The club sports five (5) undefeated streaks in their last six (6) matches and of they are consistent, they can also cause a major upset against La Real.


Prediction: Real Sociedad

La Real may have struggled in their previous performance at Anoeta. But this does not erase the fact that they still, have a strong form at home and this will be their main weapon against the inspired Valencia.


The online betting favorite is pitted to win at a lucrative 2.13 at 12BET. Choosing a draw is also a profitable bet. With the strength that Valencia has, indeed, a stalemate is possible. This particular option comes with a lucrative 3.30 odds at the above-mentioned sports betting site.



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