Juventus vs Chievo Verona Preview: Juve Avoids Another “Verona” Draw

Updated: February 13, 2014

Despite the draw against Hellas Verona, Juventus remain as the sports betting favorite of the match. After an intense scolding from Antonio Conte, the club’s head honcho hopes that his boys learned their lesson well. 


Match Date: 16 February 2014 (local time)
Venue: Juventus Stadium


Team Form


A frustrated Antonio Conte “punished” his boys via forcing them to train last Monday, which was supposed to be the club’s “rest day.”


Disappointed and enraged by the players’ lackluster performance, Conte locked up his players in a 30-minute scolding. This was after Juventus has failed to protect their lead against Hellas Verona and was forced them to settle for an even steven finish.


The club’s top brass stressed that he shall not have any hesitations in changing the starting XI if such incident happens again.


Juventus took an early lead against Hellas Verona, thanks to Carlos Tevez’s two (2) consecutive goals. However, the Biaconneris became too complacent and therefore, opened opportunities for their opponents to catch up. But what is even more disappointing than a draw is the club’s failure to extend their lead against title contenders.


Chievo Verona

It looks like the Gialloblus will need more than resilience to survive this season. The club experienced yet another defeat. But this time around, it was in the hands of Udinese.


The Udinese defeat kept Chievo Verona with three (3) goals to nil. Yet, what is worse is that they slipped into the rock bottom part of the table. They are still safe from the relegation zone, but they are just a notch away from the dreaded area.
Chievo Verona has not won a single match during its last six (6) encounters. Pitted against Juventus, they may find victory a little bit elusive.


Prediction: Juventus

Certainly, no Juventus player, most especially those that are within the starting XI will want to be sidelined. Expect them to take redemption during the Chievo Verona match via generating quite a number of goals.
Image Source:  Four Four Two