International Champions Cup Match Preview: Milan vs. Liverpool

Updated: August 1, 2014
Liverpool ICC

Match Date: 02 August 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, North Carolina

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Milan and Liverpool are currently on both ends of the table—the former at the bottom and the latter at the top. The English side have already obtained five points from just two matches, courtesy of a full win and a victory via penalties. By contrast, the Italian squad have yet to earn a point.



Milan’s relatively poor showing from the last Serie A season seems to continue in their international efforts. The team produced one of their worst finishes in their league history and they seem to have a hard time regaining their former glory. At the ICC, they were easily won over by Greek side Olympiacos and incurred a 1-5 defeat from Manchester City shortly after. Both teams were their respective leagues’ champions. However, not all of their recent results have been disappointing. Early in July, they won landslide victories over Renate and Monza on club friendlies.


Even if Milan win their last battle in the group stage of ICC, they can no longer qualify for the finals as the current leaders have already earned more than three points compared to them.



There is a very good chance that Liverpoool will advance through ICC’s finals as they currently lead their group after winning their first two matches against Olympiacos and Manchester City. They, however, really need to win their last fixture as they are only one point clear of their nearest rivals. They must also ensure a stronger attack as their goal difference is not that reassuring when compared to Man City’s or Olympiaco’s.


In their last four matches from all titles, Liverpool have only been defeated once. They were winners in the rest of the streak and even earned a clean sheet. In the Premier League, they were almost the competition’s champions as they were only two points behind the eventual winners, fellow ICC participants Manchester City. If they indeed took the title, it would have been their very first Premier League trophy.


Online betting tip: Liverpool will easily win this round.