Inter vs. Catania Preview: Inter’s Poor Form, Still Strong For Struggling Catania

Updated: January 21, 2014
Inter-Milan-R. Palacio

Inter’s series of difficult matches compel them to win the battle against the minnow Catania. The online bookie favorite has been experiencing a difficult time in their recent encounters and perhaps the win will give them the change and improvement that they long for.


Match Date: 26 January 2014 (local time)
Venue: Stadio Giuseppe Meazza

Team Form


Inter’s current form compels the club to step up their game when they meet Catania. The club has been struggling to get back to their winning ways and their lackluster performance have been pulling them out of the Serie A’s top five (5).

It does not require a genius to see that the Nerazzurri are having a hard time meeting the expectations of many. The loss to Genoa was quite a surprise considering that they are pegged as the heavy favorites of the match. Statistically speaking, they are also in a better position to secure a victory. However, what happened was beyond anyone’s imagination.

Losing to Genoa was not the first time that Inter displayed a disappointing pitch maneuver. Two (2) of their last six (6) matches saw them succumbed to Lazio and Napoli. Fortunately, they have managed to score some points during the draws against Chievo and Parma and of course, the victory over AC Milan.

Inter’s next match after Catania is pitted against Juventus. Given Juve’s strength, it becomes impetus for Inter to get the best out of its Catania encounter.


There is still hope for Catania to survive this season and get out of the relegation zone. Their accumulated points are not very far from the other clubs, which also linger at the tock bottom part of the table.

Like them, Livorno has only managed to get thirteen (13) points. Bologna has seventeen (17) and since the season is yet to end, they still have time to salvage themselves from a disappointing exit in Serie A and to do this, they need to secure victory in their remaining matches.

Theoretically speaking, this might sound easy, but with the way Catania has performed, it will not be an easy battle for the club.

Online betting’s top pick: Inter

Inter will capitalize on Catania’s poor away form. The latter has already lost their last ten (10) away matches and conceded at least two (2) goals. Inter will most likely take advantage of these weaknesses to ensure that they go back to their winning ways.



Image Source: Sky Sports