Il Toro’s Experience Crucial In Defeating Sassoulo

Updated: August 22, 2013

Match date: 25 August 2013


Torino was almost relegated last season, thus, making it the least favorite in online betting picks. Nevertheless, the tides have turned now that it will be facing the newly promoted Sassuolo in the top-flight league.


Compared to other clubs, to be more specific, the relegated ones, Il Toro fared better last season. Its accumulated points may not be that impressive. But then again, it scored a much better goal difference—even beating that of Atalanta and Chievo.


Torino’s noteworthy defence can be attributed to its former centre back, Angelo Ogbonna, who can immediately recognize plays and intercept the ball long before it goes near the net. Unfortunately, Il Toro’s defensive pillar bid the club farewell to play for Juve.


Ogbonna, just like Edinson Cavani of Napoli left a massive black hole in the club. However, this does not mean that it will easily bow down to Sassuolo.


Giampiero Ventura and his men have the experience that will pull them off the pitch. His main task as of the moment is to develop another Ogbonna. Il Toro’s 4-4-2 worked well for them—and they should capitalize on it. As mentioned, they just have to find a suitable replacement.


Since the club’s defence is one of the most remarkable in the league, perhaps Ventura must also focus on their scoring, instead of simply parking the bus. Should they find their knack for making more goals, there is no doubt that Il Toro can improve its performance in the league and beat not just Sassoulo, but also those that are ranked high in the table.



Photo Credit: Valerio Pennicino/ Zimbio