Hull vs. Tottenham Preview: “Excellent” Away Form Becomes Tottenham’s Greatest Weapon

Updated: January 30, 2014

Tim Sherwood shifts his club’s focus to winning the match against Hull City. Sherwood explained that their strong away form shall be their key ingredient in securing their victory. Tottenham now gets the role of an online betting favorite in this pitch battle.


Match Date: 01 February 2014 (local time)
Venue: The Kingston Communications Stadium

Team Form


Hull sports a struggling form after suffering yet another defeat. Losing to Crystal Palace, the club now endures its 4th consecutive downfall.


Unfortunately for the Tigers, their recent performances lacked aggressiveness. Their fierce stance was no longer evident. Instead, they looked like tamed cats in the pitch that willingly received the attacks of their respective opponents.


Waving the white flag to Crystal Palace, knowing the fact that the latter was once at the tock bottom part of the table, was purely disappointing. But what is even more frustrating is their failure to score in four (4), including the one against the Eagles, in their last six (6) matches. A deeper look into their stats also shows that they have only won once in their recent battles.


Due to the result of the above-mentioned match, Hull’s Curtis Davies stressed the club’s need to score in order to salvage their deteriorating form. When asked about his stand regarding their upcoming match against Tottenham, the defender was not ashamed to admit his side’s lack of confidence right after their Crystal palace defeat.



After suffering a 5-1 thrashing from Manchester City, Tottenham’s head honcho, Tim Sherwood, shifts his focus to their upcoming match against Hull.


Aware of how major losses affect a club’s morale, Sherwood turns the club’s attention to their next match. He stressed that their “excellent away form” shall be their main defence and weapon against Hull.


Tottenham were successful in their last five (5) away matches. Among the battles they have won was the one against Manchester United, Southampton, Fulham, Swansea and Sunderland. In terms of their overall form, Tottenham remains impressive. Four (4) of their last six (6) matches ended in their favor, except for their encounters against West Bromwich Albion where they were held in an even steven finish and most recently, the thrashing Manchester City.


Online betting’s top pick:  Tottenham

Expect Tottenham to feature in this particular match as they try to redeem themselves from a humiliating defeat.



Image Source:  Telegraph