Hellas Verona vs Torino Preview: Stalemate Settles Gialloblu and Il Toro’s Rivalry

Updated: February 13, 2014
Torino and Hellas Verona

Online betting predictions foresee a possible stalemate during the Hellas Verona and Torino match. Hellas Verona draw inspiration from the Juventus upset while Torino will try to recover from a humiliating loss to Bologna. 

With both clubs determined to score more points, only an even steven finish can settle their rivalry.


Match Date: 17 February 2014 (local time)
Venue: Stadio Marc`Antonio Bentegodi

Team Form

Hellas Verona

Gialloblu’s head honcho, Andrea Mandorlini was satisfied with the stalemate that his side pulled off during the Juventus face-off.


Just when everybody thought that Juventus will dominate the entire match and with Carlos Tevez’s two (2) consecutive goals, proving all speculations to be true, Luca Toni and Juan Gomez Taleb engaged in a late rally that left Antonio Conte in total rage and disappointment.


Mandorlini stressed that he is truly happy that his side was able to play their game—something, which they have not done during the Roma and Napoli encounters.


The Gialloblus comfortably sits at the 6th spot of the table. Although survival is hardly an issue for the club, the draw forced them to drop a notch in the Serie A table. Moreover, they lost their tight grip of qualification in the European competition.



Giampiero Ventura lamented on his side’s surprising loss against Bologna and wished that they were able to secure Sebastian Giovinco’s signature.


Technically speaking, Torino fares well in the ranking than Bologna. The latter even lost their team captain in the transfer window and so losing  is something that is rather, unexpected.


However, Ventura stated that their lack of humility and Bologna’s positive response towards their leader’s absence are two of the great lessons that Il Toros have learned.


Torino dropped to the eight spot of the Serie A table after the said loss.


Prediction:  Draw

A draw will most likely conclude the match’s outcome. Hellas Verona’s renewed confidence over the Juventus stalemate, plus the idea of making it to the European competition are good sources of inspiration for the club. But Torino is also a strong force to reckon with. Their accumulated points are not very far from Hellas Verona. Only three (3) points separate them. With their good performance, it will be hard for Torino to wave the white flag easily.
Image Source:  Zimbio