Hannover 96 vs Bayern Munchen Preview: Bayern Continue Undefeated Rampage

Updated: February 18, 2014
Bayern Munchen vs Sc Freiburg- Xherdan

Despite the injuries suffered by Franck Ribery and Xherdan Shaqiri, the Bavarians are confident that they will secure the victory in AWD Arena. The regular online betting favorite, although already strong in form and pitch tactics, continue to aspire for a better performance.


Match Date: 23 February 2014 (local time)
Venue: AWD Arena


Team Form

Hannover 96

The Reds dropped to the 11th spot of the Bundesliga table after failing to dominate the match against Mainz 05.


With the said loss, Hannover 96’s aspirations of securing a better rank were immediately pushed to the sidelines. But if there is one thing that they should be thankful of, this is the fact that they are still far from the relegation zone. However, they cannot be too comfortable with their present position. Their next match is pitted against Bayern Munchen where it is hard to expect an easy route to victory.


Bayern Munchen

Unbeaten in forty-six (46) matches, Bayern Munchen extended their winning streak against SC Freiburg.  The Bavarians continued their victorious ways when they kept their opponents at bay and scored four (4) unstoppable goals.


Other than the undefeated run, Bayern’s credentials go to as far as keeping eight (8) clean sheets during its last ten (10) matches. And their strength is even more pronounced when they scored an average of two (2) goals in thirteen (13) of their last encounters.


Going against Hannover 96 is hardly a problem for the super club due to the depth of their form and quality of their attacking approaches. However, the fatigue brought by their Champions League match against Arsenal might give them some troubles.


It is still unsure if Ribery can make it to the Hannover 96 match and so is Shaqiri who was suffered an injury during the SC Freiburg thrashing.


Prediction: Bayern Munchen

It does not take rocket science to determine the match’s heavy favorite. For obvious reasons, it is Bayern Munchen, no other else.



Image Source:  International Business Times