Group A Champions League Prediction

Updated: September 23, 2013


Match Preview: Shakthar Donetsk vs. Manchester United


Match Date: 02 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Donbass Arena


Champions League Betting Tips – Champions League regulars, Manchester United and Shakthar Donetsk are both determined to dominate their group. Amidst the rivalry where neither of the club settles for second best, ending in a draw serves as their best option.


David Moyes’ wits shall be tested as he faces Ukrainian giants, Shakthar Donetsk. This is the very first time that Manchester United will encounter the club in the Champions League and one can look forward to a tight and exciting match.


The Red Devils had a smooth win when they thrashed Bayer Leverkusen in Old Trafford. Now that they are pitted against another Champion League, regular, Moyes is up for one of the fiercest battles in his career.


Similar to Moyes, Mircea Lucescu is also keen on winning the match. A disappointment in front of its supporters is the last thing that the club wants to experience.
As mentioned, Lucescu is far from being a green horn in the tournament. During the 2010-2011 season, he led the club to the competition’s quarter finals. They may have failed to clinch the silverware, but they have created history in their domestic league.


The Verdict: A down the wire draw

Given the success of both clubs and determination to dominate their respective group, there is a high possibility for the match to end in a draw.

Lucescu has been in this position before and Moyes will certainly refuse to throw in the white towel easily. The Rooney-van Persie worked well for Moyes and they will be most likely to be the club’s go-to-guys during the match. But just the same, Lucescu is also counting on Alex Teixeira, who fired the club’s winning goals against Real Sociedad. One should not also forget Douglas Costa was a former transfer target of Manchester United is a real threat to the Red Devils.


Under such circumstance, indeed, a draw remains the best possible scenario for the said match.


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Match Preview: Bayer Leverkusen vs. Real Sociedad


Match Date: 02 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Bay Arena



Champions League Betting Tips – Bayer Leverkusen is set to exploit its home court advantage against Real Sociedad. With things working out well in Bundesliga, the club can afford to shift its focus into the Champions League and clinch their first victory in the tournament.


Bayer Leverkusen remains strong despite Andre Schürrle’s absence. The likes of Son Heung-Min and other young talents are instrumental in the club’s Champions League campaign.


The result of their matchday one in the tournament is far from being rosy. Manchester United thrashed them with 4 goals, while they only came up with 2. Nevertheless, perhaps playing in their own ground will give them the boost that they needed in the pitch.


Meanwhile, Real Sociedad fought hard for their spot in the tournament. Unfortunately, they are considered as Group A’s minnows.


Like Bayer, they also suffered defeat in their debut match. Shakhthar Donetsk kept a clean sheet and scored 2 goals to secure their first 3 points in the campaign.



The Verdict: Bayer to exploit home court advantage

Bayer has been very consistent ion the domestic league. They currently occupy the 3rd spot in Bundesliga.


Entering the match against Real Sociedad, expect them to display a high degree of confidence as they make their supporters feel proud.


Real Sociedad, however, have bigger problems to attend to other than their Champions League campaign. In the domestic league, they have only won once in their last 5 matches and have been pretty contented with draws. Back in Spain, they still need to beat Barcelona to improve their chances of moving up the ranking, whereas Bayer can afford to have a little time to relax and prepare for both their Champions League and domestic league encounters.




Image Source: Inside Spanish Football