Granada vs. Osasuna Preview: Big Victories Inspire Granada And Osasuna

Updated: January 13, 2014

Their previous victories are potent sources of inspiration for Granada and Osasuna and one can only expect them to have a repeat of the good work they did. But with Granada dominating majority of their matches against Osasuna, it is highly possible for Luis Alcaraz and his men to bring home the bacon. As a matter of fact, they are pegged as the encounter’s online bookie favorite.


Match Date: 18 January 2014 (local time)
Venue: Estadio Los Cármenes
Team Form


After the big win against Real Valladolid, the future looks even brighter for Granada.


Suffering from two (2) consecutive losses, Granada vowed to turn things into their favor and true enough, the club just clinched a major win against Real Valladolid. It was far from an ordinary win. It was a big win, which kept Lucas Alacaraz and positive.
Scoring four (4) goals and keeping their opponents at bay was indeed, an accomplishment for the club. Making it even more memorable and inspiring was the fact that they played on a different territory.


Alcaraz stressed that the club has “perfectly demonstrated” the changes that they have been trying to implement. He also emphasized that training at La Manga yields positive results for the club, stating that such approach allowed them to focus on their most pressing needs and areas that need to improvements.



A satisfied Javi Garcia faced the public after Osasuna moved out of the relegation zone and secured a safe place in the La Liga table.


Garcia cannot help but expressed his satisfaction over his team’s performance against Real Betis. The match ended with a 2-1 score in their favor and not only that, it also lifted them out of the dreaded zone. For Garcia and the rest of the club, the win gives them an assurance that they will remain in the top-flight league this season.


Osasuna’s head honcho, however, was aware that they still have more games to win and survive and as the battle in the relegation zone becomes harder everyday, the triumph is a definite boost to their morale and confidence.


Online betting top pick: Granada

Both clubs are in high spirits after their victorious feat and there is a high possibility for them to repeat what they have started. However, considering their past performance, Granada had the upper hand in three (3) of their last five (5) matches and they will most likely go for yet another important victory.
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