Galatasaray vs Chelsea Preview: Mourinho Go Against Former Chelsea Hero, Drogba

Updated: February 18, 2014
Jose Mourinho and Drogba

The online betting favorite, Chelsea meets its previous Champions League hero, Didier Drogba to battle it out for a spot in the quarter-finals. Expect a down the wire match as old ties reconnect and rivalry fires up between Jose Mourinho and Drogba.


Match Date: 26 February 2014 (local time)

Venue: Türk Telekom Arena


Team Form


Galatasaray is one of the biggest surprises in this competition not only for advancing to the Round of 16, but also for outlasting the perennial participant, Juventus.


Despite the thrashing experienced from Real Madrid, a frustrating draw from FC Copenhagen and a battle lost to Juventus, Roberto Mancini and his men emerged as one of the victorious clubs in the group stage. Their entry became even more meaningful and important by the way they reacted and adjusted to Mancini’s tactical approaches. The former Manchester City boss took over the club with a little over the week before the knockout stage.


Galatasaray’s meeting against Chelsea is also made even more colorful with the reunion of Didier Drogba and the English Premier League’s “special one,” Jose Mourinho. Drogba was key to Manchester City’s Champions League success in the 2011/12 season.



Several days before their Galatasaray face-off, Jose Mourinho warned his men to never be complacent when they go against their former teammate, Didier Drogba.


As mentioned, Drogba is pivotal to Chelsea’s previous Champions League campaign and despite the good relations that they have maintained with Mourinho, there is no way that the Ivorian striker will be easy on his former club.


Chelsea is also one of the familiar faces in this tournament. They finished on top of their group in the initial stage of the tournament, boasting four (4) wins and two (2) losses. They are also on top of the English Premier League table. With such an impressive form, one can only expect Chelsea to feature in the upcoming match.


Prediction:  Chelsea

With their superb performance in the domestic league and with their vast experience in this competition, it is not impossible for Chelsea to be hailed as the European King this season.



Image Source:  Unde Plus