Freiburg vs Augsburg Preview: Augsburg Seek Redemption In A Different Territory

Updated: February 17, 2014

Bundesliga’s betting tips look to Augsburg as the winner in the match against Freiburg. The club will seek redemption from their failure to extend their unbeaten home run via capitalizing on the strength of their away performance.


Match Date: 22 February 2014 (local time)

Venue: MAGE SOLAR Stadion


Team Form    


Freiburg’s faces the possibility of leaving the top-flight league next season as they drop to the danger zone after enduring a 4-0 thrashing from the Bavarians.


Going against Bundesliga’s top club is difficult. However, what happens after the match makes survival a lot harder. With the said defeat, Freiburg struggles on the 16th spot of the table and is on the midst of being relegated.


Freiburg has only clinched two (2) victories in their last six (6) matches. They lost thrice and drew once.



Augsburg’s dream of securing its 9th undefeated home run was put to a stop when Josip Drmic snatched the victory for Nurnberg.


Indeed, it was an unfortunate event for Markus Weinzier’s camp. Not only did they lose the chance to continue their winning streak, they also dropped out of the possible contention for the European competition.


Losing to Nurnberg was the club’s first taste of defeat during its last 6 matches and this made the result even more disappointing. They are still on the top 10 though. Yet, as the competition gets harder, they face the possibility of dropping to the bottom pit should their lackluster performance continue.


Prediction:  Augsburg

Augsburg were undefeated in their last five (5) away matches and they will most likely use this to their advantage when they visit Freiburg. Nevertheless, they should be wary for Freiburg might subject them to another disappointing loss.



Image Source:  Abendblatt